The HERASTRO Website allows access to paid Psychic Reading consultations.


The purpose of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale is to define the terms and conditions under which HERASTRO offers customers the possibility of purchasing Psychic Reading consultations.

People using the Psychic Reading services offered by the site must be of legal age.

The purpose of these general terms and conditions is to define the terms and conditions for the provision of Psychic Reading services on the HERASTRO site.

Any access and/or use of the HERASTRO site implies acceptance and compliance with all the terms of these conditions and their unconditional acceptance.


Scope of services

Any and all Content, Service(s) and information is provided as entertainment services only and do not in any way constitute legal, financial, medical or any sort of professional counselling. By engaging in Services rendered by Readers or reading the Content on this Website, You understand that we do not provide recommendations, counselling or give any directions for you to follow. A Reader, for example, may from time to time offer a personal opinion but this does not constitute consultation, may it be legal, financial, medical or any sort of professional counselling. The content of the Services and the use of this Website are merely for reference purposes and must not substitute professional counselling of the abovementioned kind.

Reasonable Use of Our Services

Use of Our Services incurs Fees which will lead to costs being charged to your credit/debit card and/or to your telephone bill. Such costs might exceed the average amount billed to the accounts of your credit/debit card and/or your telephone bill, particularly if you use our Services for a prolonged period. It is your responsibility to use our Services only to the extent reasonable in the context of your personal circumstances. Please be mindful about the Fees you incur and monitor their accumulation. If you think you need to seize control over your calling habits you should contact your telephone service provider who may be able to block calls to certain special rate numbers being made from your phone.


HERASTRO makes no commitment or guarantee of any kind whatsoever, expressly or implicitly, as to the proper functioning of the site and its content.

In addition, HERASTRO cannot be held responsible for cuts, telephone disturbances caused by any failure of the telephone operators.

HERASTRO declines all responsibility in the event of damage that may have been caused by a virus or any other data corruption problem resulting from access to, downloading or use of its services, including, but in a non-exhaustive way, the direct and indirect damages.

HERASTRO reserves the right to modify, terminate, suspend or interrupt at any time, for any reason and at its sole discretion, access to all or part of the site, including in particular for the content, functionalities or hours of availability without prior notice.


In order to be able to benefit from Psychic Reading services, the customer must register by filling out a form by telephone. On this occasion, the customer undertakes to:

provide accurate and complete information

update, if necessary, the information provided to HERASTRO as soon as possible. The customer may modify the information concerning him by writing to the e-mail address

HERASTRO undertakes to preserve the confidentiality of the information provided by the customer, who will have a right of access, modification or deletion of the data concerning him, in accordance with the provisions of law n ° 78-17 relating to the computing, files and freedoms

In the event that any of this information proves to be false, incomplete or obsolete, HERASTRO reserves the right, without any compensation and without notice, to suspend or close the customer’s account and to refuse him for the future the access to all or part of the services offered by HERASTRO, without prejudice to the compensation that HERASTRO would be justified in claiming.


Consultation by telephone with Banking card implies acceptance of the General Conditions of Sale and in particular, acceptance of the consultation rate which is indicated on the home page of the site. This rate may be modified at any time without notice from HERASTRO by providing the information required for this purpose.


HERASTRO is open to all countries whose legislation does not prohibit Psychic Reading activities and in general the professional practice of the divinatory arts.


The services are offered to the customer subject to his unconditional acceptance of these General Conditions of Sale. By validating his registration for the services, the customer declares and acknowledges, therefore, having read, understood and accepted without reservation these General Conditions of Sale.

HERASTRO reserves the right to modify all or part of these General Terms and Conditions of Sale at any time.

It is therefore up to the Consumer to regularly refer to the latest version of the General Conditions of Sale permanently available on the HERASTRO Site.

The customer is deemed to accept this latest version with each new order, just as he accepts that his relations with HERASTRO are governed by the version available on the HERASTRO site on the day of the birth of the dispute which he could invoke against by HERASTRO.

In the event of non-compliance with these General Terms and Conditions of Sale, HERASTRO reserves the right, without any compensation or notice, to suspend or close the customer’s account and to refuse him future access to all or part of the Service, without prejudice to the various criminal or contractual actions under common law which may be open to it.

Waiver of the withdrawal period of article L121-20 of the consumer code.

In accordance with Article L.121-20-2 of the Consumer Code, the Customer expressly waives the right of withdrawal provided for in Article L.121-20 of the same code insofar as the execution of the supply of the services delivered on the site begins as soon as the Customer registers by telephone, and this necessarily before the end of the withdrawal period of the current article of the Consumer Code.


The customer agrees to have sufficient financial capacity to use the services of the HERASTRO site and not to be subject to any over-indebtedness procedure.


The payment order by credit card carried out by the HERASTRO secure service with our collection partner is irrevocable except in the case of fraudulent use proven by the competent services of the credit card.

The user cannot therefore object to this payment or to a reimbursement of the consultation if he is dissatisfied with the service.


The customer remains responsible for the free use of the services

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