Virgo Horoscope


COUPLES: Beautiful pairing thanks to the harmonious appearance of Venus. This planet will awaken your sensuality and help you to establish a fruitful dialogue with your spouse or partner.

SINGLES: Venus, the Goddess of Love, will make you live in a climate Loveful pleasant. More sociable than usual, you will want to go out and can therefore seize the opportunity to meet new people. Your charm will work effectively, and you could be seduced by someone. Just be careful not to delude yourself.


With this Saturn posture in your Sky, you should be careful and economical. Not that your budget balance is seriously threatened; but the more you plan and the better you will come out in the coming weeks, which will be heckled at times.


Good shape all week. Neptune will protect you from unpleasant surprises on the Health side. In addition, most stars related to vitality are currently favorable to you.


Feel free to present and defend your most original projects. With the generous support of Pluto, you will have such power of persuasion that you will undoubtedly take the case.


Very favorable prospects in Family. Your family life should in principle be marked this week by a clear improvement. Your relationships with your children will be easy to live with, and many of you will have the opportunity to reconnect with family members.


What is ripe before time is mown before time "(Latin proverb).

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