Virgo Horoscope


COUPLES: It will be easier if you get along well with your spouse. The burden of life will be much lighter. The Vietnamese say that a united couple would be able, by itself, to empty the China Sea! The present astral climate lends itself wonderfully to good marital harmony; enjoy it!

SINGLES: You, at least, will have a lot of luck! As the planet Venus will stay in your theme this week, the euphoria will not leave you. You will be particularly happy in Love.


This aspect of the Sun will exacerbate your appetite for ever more wealth, material comfort, gadgets. Be aware, however, that this frantic race for possession may ultimately make you unhappy. "The man who is not satisfied with little will never be happy with anything" (Epicurus).


Good vitality overall. But you will need to slow down your pace of life a bit. With such a pace, your physical and mental health will be threatened in the longer term. And then you risk missing some essential things.


The stars will push you forward in professional life. You will always aim higher. You will be striving daily for progress: success is at this price.


You may have some small neighborhood problems: noise, animals, children, etc. Prefer dialogue or silence to confrontation. Are your neighbors ridiculous by their behavior? No law, neither divine nor human, compels you to imitate them!


Cemeteries are filled with people who thought they were indispensable "(Arabic proverb).

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