Virgo Horoscope


COUPLES: Your married life will be sufficiently fulfilled. Be more considerate of your spouse or partner. Be more patient, because not everybody wants to live at your own pace.

SINGLES: Many SINGLES could be seduced by their bodies defending, by a person to whom at first sight they paid no attention, and finding in it the ideal companion (e).


Due to the good influxes of Mercury, it will be the perfect time to consolidate your material situation, realize real estate transactions, prepare your retirement, ensure the future of yours. Prosperous period for investors, savers of the sign.


You will be well overall. But those who are of the second decanate will have to be careful because they may experience a slight decrease in tone. Avoid an aesthetic operation and be vigilant about your personal hygiene.


You will only receive good planetary aspects. This is a very positive peak period. Foreign-related opportunities will come up suddenly; do not let them pass, grab them on the fly. Many of your ambitions will be a great achievement. Mars will support your efforts in a timely manner and protect you from painful hassles.


With such a planetary configuration, everything will have to be bathed in oil in your home! If you want to make changes in your house or apartment, or even change your residence, you can obtain interesting credit conditions.


It is not the consciousness of men that determines their way of being, but their way of being that determines their consciousness "(Karl Marx).

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