Virgo Horoscope


COUPLES: Be attentive to the small details of life together, which, despite their appearance, are important. In this period, a mutual rediscovery will give new life to your relationship. To fully live your sexuality, do not neglect the benefits of the table, because "the torch of Love lights in the kitchen" (French proverb).

SINGLES: This will be one of the best periods on the Loveeux plan. Under the influence of Venus, the goddess of Love, and of Jupiter, the most favorable star of Heaven, an important encounter is possible and even probable. But be careful, keep your cool: even if you're crazy Loveeux, do not rush anything.


The astral climate of the period will inspire you to use common sense. In particular, it will be useful to think that the management of your finances must follow certain objective rules. You will refuse to embark on expenses if they have the first consequence of getting you into debt, because you will be convinced that "debts shorten life" (Joubert).


Mercury in beautiful appearance will give you wings to heels. You will not fail to notice how you get in a hurry and run rather than walk. It is not you who will be expected, but rather you who will wait for the others and train them.


The impact of Jupiter can result in a change in your Work which, at first, may seem quite negative. However, remain confident: in the medium term, you will discover how much, on the contrary, this evolution is profitable to you, and you will only be able to congratulate you for the turn taken by the events.


You will strive to be present as often as possible in your home. And you will work to eliminate any subject that may cause controversy. In this way, you will succeed in creating a wonderful atmosphere of harmony at home.


The most difficult thing for a man is to use his hobbies "(Goethe).

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