Virgo Horoscope


COUPLES: With the influence of the Sun in your couple sector, this is one of the best periods of the year, on the conjugal plane, which is coming. Your relationship with your spouse or partner will be under the sign of happiness and complicity.

SINGLES: Idealism in your home will clearly outweigh realism. You will believe Love's love with a big A, and you will be overwhelmed by a huge wave of romance or passion.


Your financial situation should be healthy and stable. If that's not the case, if you're in debt, for example, take advantage of this aspect of Mercury to get your business in order. Make an appointment with your banker to renegotiate your loans at a lower rate, or to spread your repayments over time.


Your basic resistance will be strong these days. It's true, with Mars well aspect, you will find all your tone, and you will end the period in excellent shape.


Your Work will progress well, and you will perform well. On the other hand, your big plans for the future are likely to be strongly resisted by your professional environment.


Your kids will give you a hard time, especially if they are teenagers. Try to understand them, do not get on your big horses, but show some firmness. They need proper discipline, although they hate it, and you will be grateful later for giving it to them.


The wounds of the tongue are more dangerous than those of the sword "(Arabic proverb).

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