Virgo Horoscope


COUPLES: This time you will be training with your spouse or partner a strong and effective team rather than a couple of passionate lovers. Indeed, Saturn, the planet of time and austerity, will give you desire for tenderness and stability rather than unbridled passions.

SINGLES: Your Loveful Life will be more serene than lately. Those of you who have accumulated adventures will no longer have to prove to themselves that they are irresistible. And those who felt the urge to start a couple, will be less worried about their future Loveeux.


Due to the good influx of astral energy, it will be the perfect time to deal with material matters: making financial investments, real estate transactions, preparing your retirement, ensuring the future of yours, especially that of your children. All these steps will be greatly favored.


Take advantage of this period, where Mars will be favorable to you, to take care of your weak points, to make a cure, to start a diet or to rest thoroughly to recover your form. Do not accumulate chores, you will not be able to do everything at once and it will get on your nerves.


In your profession, you will be brimming with dynamism and initiative. You will be the engine of a team of Work, you will put a knife in the kidneys of lazy and stunned. But you will have a hard time letting you order, which can leave you with some difficulties if you are not at the top of the hierarchy. Try to adapt to the situation flexibly and diplomatically.


You will want to make yourself more available to your children than usual. You will also feel anxious to surround yourself with young people, often friends of your children. The sense of hospitality will be emphasized, and life in the home will be a joyous event.


Beware, as long as you live, of judging people on the mine "(La Fontaine).

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