Virgo Horoscope


COUPLES: Heaven will emerge for you on the marital plane. The beautiful moon will give the start to a much easier time than it was recently. Neptune and Uranus will now give their measure, offering you a happier life for two.

SINGLES: The SINGLES will have more desire to meet. It will not cause them any trouble if they take the new relationships for what they are, that is, mainly for pleasant distractions. Some however might be tempted by the marriage.


As Venus looks good, everything should be fine financially. Attention, however: the goddess of Love, beauty and harmony could push some of you to spend fortunes for aesthetic care, or hire a decorator to remake luxuriously the tapestries of the show ...


This time you will have a privileged vitality, under the leadership of Mars. You will feel able to lift mountains. Add to this a psychology more optimistic and bold than usual. Take advantage of these favorable impulses to get rid of these diffuse fears that often invade you and hinder your progress forward.


The astral climate of the period will bring you the wind of professional success. The moment will be propitious to work in the direction of stabilization and extension of the task undertaken. So, wake up and get to work to take full advantage of the benevolence of the stars; but "one who does not get up with the sun does not enjoy the day" (Cervantes).


With this "retro" astral environment, you will feel the need to find your roots. Do not deprive yourself of this completely legitimate satisfaction. Start building your family tree if you feel like it. Visit the places of your early childhood. Get back in touch with some of your big family members you have not heard from for a long time. All of this will benefit you in one way or another.


O kiss! mysterious beverage that the lips pour like altered cups "(A. de Musset).

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