Virgo Horoscope


COUPLES: You will realize how much you are able to attach to someone. In spite of yourself, you will feel prisoner of the feelings you feel. Do not take this inclination for weakness; on the contrary, know how to appreciate it, and you will live happy days with your spouse or partner.

SINGLES: There will be fundamental choices to make in your life. If you decide to give yourself a great passion, you will have a wonderful time, but the fire will burn out very quickly.


Your basic financial balance should remain solid since no weight planet will influence the financial sectors of your theme. But Pluto may affect your Money behavior. Be careful, so if cravings go through your head, do not throw your savings through the windows.


A lot of vitality and dynamism in the program. Break down to get what you want, you will have the means, but be careful not to walk on corpses! It is advisable to practice a somewhat violent sport intensively to positively use your excess energy.


Daily life as part of your Work will be uneventful. You will quietly assume your tasks. Still, the influence of Jupiter will give the start to a favorable period. Even if nothing moves in the immediate future, you can prepare for a boom period.


Some planetary impulses will help you quell quarrels in your family's circle and make the surrounding climate quieter and warmer. Everyone will be happy to be together.


To desire only what one has is to have everything one desires "(Chardin).

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