Virgo Horoscope


COUPLES: Married life will be pretty well influenced; but the agreement could be much better if you put more of yours, for example by showing you less jealous, less possessive. It will dominate your passions, which will often prevail over reason, and especially beware of your reactions that seem logical only to your eyes but that confuse your partner.

SINGLES: < / span> The period looks particularly hot. You will be ready for a sensual revelation or a great passional fire. Loveeux, you are very determined to seduce the object of your desires by any means.


In the financial field, it will be a question of not letting values ​​sleep, but of adopting an active attitude, by getting rid of certain assets which could perish. Your pecuniary resources will tend to increase significantly.


Morosity will be waiting for you at the corner of the street: you want too much of life, you are too severe towards yourself, you pull too much on the rope, not to mention the bad influx Jupiterians! Rest well and take a detached attitude to your personal problems. In addition, know how to moderate your ambitions and desires.


Intensive work, energized by your sense of duty and responsibility. You will be effective, but also a bit too authoritative to the taste of your professional partners. Think about the consequences anyway before making extreme decisions.


You will strive to be present as often as possible in your home. And you will work to eliminate any subject that may cause controversy. In this way, you will succeed in creating a wonderful atmosphere of harmony at home.


Do not be just too much, and do not play the wise man too much "(Ecclesiastes).

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