Taurus Horoscope


COUPLES: Couples life without problems, as long as you do not mix too many practical considerations with your exchanges. The Moon in this aspect will be conducive to strengthening existing links.

SINGLES: You will peacefully accommodate your solitary situation. Less eager to meet, less anguished, you will be even more charming. And that's when you least expect Love to fall on you!


With this aspect of Mercury, you will have pecuniary facilities. Miraculously, you'll find Money whenever you need it. But the moment will not be ideal to invest massively.


Your shape will be dazzling. But do not let go of your vigilance. Continue to lead a healthy, balanced life, practice good mental hygiene. In this way, you will be able to face in the best conditions the multiple problems to come.


Since the astral influxes of the period are good enough, keep playing your relationships for substantial and well-earned benefits in your Work. There is no reason for you to be sidelined because we did not notice you.


You will strive to create a pleasant and warm atmosphere at home by seeking to round the corners in all circumstances. Instead of taking pleasure in throwing oil on the fire, you will try by all means to ease the tension between the different members of your Family.


It is even easier to judge the mind of a man by his questions than by his answers "(Gaston de LĂ©vis).

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