Taurus Horoscope


COUPLES: Happiness continues. After a very protected period on the marital plan, you will be entitled, these days, to the support of an exceptional celestial configuration. Complicity, tenderness and sensuality will be on the menu of the period.

SINGLES: Changes in your love life are looming on the horizon. That's right, you dread the unknown. Yet you have no reason to worry: these transformations will benefit you.


Mercury in this configuration will give you great ideas to improve your standard of living or to make your savings profitable. Make an appointment with your banker; you can then, thanks to his advice, make a good use of your intuitions. Pluto may be worth a pleasant surprise; but you will have to react quickly to take advantage of the opportunity that will be available to you.


Your physical strength will be strong. But you'll have to be wary of evil Mars, which will once again be worthy of some fluctuating energy. You will not risk anything serious, but may experience moments of excessive nervousness.


You will spend a constructive period, making useful contacts to your career, discussing projects or a loan. Luck will help you one way or another, because Pluto will be at your side.


The areas of your natal chart related to Family's life will be totally untouched by the celestial tensions of the period. Your relationship with your parents should not be a problem. Your relationships with your children will be easy and under the sign of complicity.


The lean cow is skinny, but old "(Italian proverb).

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