Taurus Horoscope


COUPLES: The period looks very promising. The planet Venus well aspected will encourage you to pick the day and savor all the joys of existence in the company of the loved one. The bonds of the heart will be to the sweetness, and conjugal Love will offer you its rich hours.

SINGLES: For you, SINGLES, this period will be placed under the sign of the pleasure . You will not want to fix yourself. However, Venus will be there, which could lead you to meet the one who will give you mad desire to get married as soon as possible!


If you have been planning for a long time to conduct large transactions or change the way you manage your hardware resources, now is the time to get started. Thanks to Pluto's support, you'll be able to make the right choices and avoid pitfalls.


Prompted by Mars, you'll be serious about maintaining your Health despite your many other concerns. You will be convinced that "Health is the unit that asserts all the zeros of life" (Fontenelle). The good results will not wait!


You will receive the light of the planet Mercury, which will allow you to have a quick and sure judgment. Take the opportunity to tune up all your projects and get ahead of the competition.


If you wish to change your residence, take advantage of the beneficial influences during this period to prospect. Take firm commitments, without hesitation, if you find something that seems right for you. That said, your family life will be full of charm.


Reason can warn us of what to avoid, the heart alone tells us what to do "(Joubert).

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