Taurus Horoscope


COUPLES: A climate of complicity will develop or strengthen between you and your spouse or partner. You will possess the art of surprising him pleasantly. You will invent a thousand and one fantasies to satisfy him. And you'll both be crazy.

SINGLES: Singles will think more about distractions than serious Loves. Still, they would like to change a lot of things in their Loveful life and will look far for the soulmate that they will have at their fingertips.


From the financial point of view, caution will be required. Know how to wait without enraging. Before the end of the period a beneficial release could occur if your projects and your speculations remain intelligent and reasonable.


Good health overall. However, you will have to watch for the impact of the badly-looking Pluto. You will not have anything to worry about, but you may feel that you are feeling worse from time to time and have a shaky moral and physical resistance.


You will be successful in your Work, regardless of your industry. The global environment will be very favorable to natives who express themselves with their pen for pleasure or vocation. If you have written a novel or compiled a collection of poems, it will be time to propose it to a publisher: it is possible that you will soon find your bookstore!


Nice fix on your family life. Some domestic problems will provoke courteous discussions. Your complicity with your parents will be great. With your children, the dialogue will be very warm and constructive.


The woman is not yet capable of friendship: she knows only Love "(Friedrich Nietzsche).

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