Taurus Horoscope


COUPLES: Life in two almost ideal! You will engage in a calm dialogue with your spouse or partner. You will make the necessary adjustments to promote the stability of your couple - not the apparent stability, but the true.

SINGLES: Full sun on your Loves! You will meet a partner who is really out of the ordinary. Lively, warm, sensual and fulfilling, you will discover life in even brighter colors.


The Sun, influencing one of the Money areas of your natal chart, will help you manage your budget well. In addition, the passage of the Moon will also have a positive financial impact. Now, Neptune and Uranus, two rather favorable stars, will help you make the right choices.


There will be nothing serious to fear, and the Health can be described as good overall. Some of you may, however, have minor hips or kidney problems. Back pain can also occur in those who are sensitive.


If you are not happy with your current work situation, do not rush anything: Jupiter's influence in a sign that is well connected to yours will give the start to a long period of luck. Opportunities will come soon. No need, therefore, to make hasty and premature decisions.


Your family relationships will be favored by the stars and will bring you many satisfactions. Multiply the opportunities to please those you love. A little gift, a simple little card or a phone call can be gestures that will go straight to the heart of your loved ones.


The long-awaited punishment only becomes worse "(Aeschylus).

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