Taurus Horoscope


COUPLES: Your desires for marital bliss could be answered, given Pluto's good position in your Heaven. Your spouse will prove his attachment.

SINGLES: In Love, you will, more than ever, focus on stability and respect for the word given. This is an attitude of the happiest. Your efforts will soon bear fruit, which will exceed your expectations.


Your financial situation will be directly affected by Saturn these days. It is possible that it undergoes modifications. Whether it is a slight drop or, on the contrary, an improvement, do not worry: you will be able to adapt gracefully.


Your area of ​​Health will be influenced these days by the Sun, principle of vitality, which should be worth a nice balance. In addition, Jupiter will in turn have a direct and beneficial impact on your Health.


Your professional situation, quite stressful lately, should now be easier to live with. Certainly, Saturn will no doubt continue to earn you extra Work or responsibilities. But Jupiter will lighten the climate and help you achieve success that until then was out of your reach.


The planets influencing your children will be very favorable these days: you will not have any problem with you. They will show you affection and give you their hopes and secrets. Same thing for your parents: relaxed and attentive, they will be good advice.


The view of the drunkard is the best lesson of sobriety "(Anacharsis).

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