Taurus Horoscope


COUPLES: The areas of your natal chart related to Conjugal Love are not influenced by any planet at this time, which promises you a life without history. Your relationship with your spouse or partner will deepen, and you will enjoy a wonderful complicity.

SINGLES: With this Sky with strong Venusian atmosphere, Loves of singles will be favored. If they seek to please, they will succeed perfectly. But they should be careful not to be too carried away by their imagination, which can play tricks on them!


The Money Zones of your natal chart will not be affected by any celestial influence these days. That will protect you from unpleasant surprises. In return, this indifference of Heaven with regard to your finances does not suggest significant improvement: no need, therefore, to dream that you will receive an inheritance or win the Lotto!


Physically, you will feel very good about yourself: good foot, good eye, and a body that runs well round. Even though you've had some trouble with Health lately, you'll see a lot of improvement.


Consider the preferences of the planet Mercury. If you want to take advantage of its protection, go to companies in the medium and long term rather than one-off actions. On the other hand, do not lose the sense of reality by embarking on projects far beyond your strength.


All your energy will be on your home this time. You will do, or seriously consider, important transformations. You will be keen to bring harmony to your home. Finally, you will concretely help your children to become freer and more autonomous. Well done!


One must never think of the distance, whatever it is, that separates us from the Virtue "(Confucius).

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