Taurus Horoscope


COUPLES: You will be spoiled by the planet Venus. Love will brighten your married life. If you have been married for several years, you will experience a renewed passion for your spouse. For fresh Loveeux, euphoria will be on the menu.

SINGLES: No planet will have a direct effect on Love's areas, which suggests that your life Loveeuse will not know a big change. That said, the stars will not stop you from playing your charm or being seduced. Simply, do not dream of a wedding!


Money side, the situation will be much better than lately. This is already a very favorable point. However, your room for maneuver will remain narrow, and you will not be able to afford to commit imprudences or perform hazardous operations. In addition, you will have to make diligent efforts, and it is by exercising rigor in the management of your finances that you will be able to improve your purchasing power.


The Sun in this aspect will earn you an excellent vitality. In addition, Mars will increase your dynamism. And since no negative planet will influence your health, you will have good immune resistance. If you leave a disease, or if you have a chronic condition, this period will be marked by a good recovery or a significant improvement.


You will have the opportunity to concretize some of your professional projects thanks to your determination and a certain luck that will accompany you this week. Know how to take advantage of it in a positive way. Be wary of your impulsive nature, which can draw you to unnecessary difficulties, and trust your flair to get rid of bad outside influences.


The family climate will be very good. You will strive to understand the aspirations of your loved ones and to respond to them. Your parents will provide you with valuable moral and material support.


To succeed in the world, one must look crazy and be wise "(Montesquieu).

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