Taurus Horoscope


COUPLES: Your Conjugal Loves will be the best in the world. You will introduce yourself to your partner as an eternal fiancé, breaking habits and routine, and increasing attention. It will be if you had understood that "in Love, there is no more terrible disaster than the death of the imagination" (George Meredith).

SINGLES: You know a native of the Virgin for some time, you will move heaven and earth to marry him as soon as possible. Anyway, this period promises a lot of joys on the heart.


With this aspect of Uranus, you will seek to grow your resources. The circumstances will be very favorable to you. Avoid speculative transactions, however.


With the support of the Moon, you will have a peach of thunder. Enterprising, dynamic, you will feel in a dazzling form. Everything will smile, and nothing will seem impossible or inaccessible to you. Take advantage of this state of grace to carry out your various projects, including your leisure projects.


Try to adopt a low profile, professionally. Do not try to achieve blows in this period, even if the circumstances seem to you quite favorable. But behind the scenes, you can develop a very elaborate strategy. It will soon be time to unveil your batteries and go for it: your success will be amazing!


The people you love will show you their affection and attachment. You will easily find common ground with them. Your children, above all, will give you innumerable satisfactions.


Even the blind can see Money "(Chinese proverb).

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