Taurus Horoscope


COUPLES: Venus will be entirely in your favor. Result: your marital relationships will become clearer, and you will better understand the feelings and intentions of your partner. This will help you accept his decisions, even if they are unexpected or seem unwise.

SINGLES: The SINGLES will be in a charming mood. They will accumulate good fortune: without making any particular effort, they will attract many sympathies. Their conquests will not be counted anymore, but they will be for the most part without tomorrow.


With this aspect of Mercury, you will have the opportunity to make profitable financial transactions. You will also be able to settle a litigious case that has been dragging on for a long time.


Very slight drop in shape to predict. You, who have recently benefited from the health gods, will now need to consider the influence of the moon in your area of ​​Health. Of course, this star alone is not sufficient to threaten a serious health problem. But, more simply, get ready to be a little less resilient and a little less dynamic these days.


Really good career prospects. The results will not be long. You will work without it costing you too much effort. On the other hand, long live creativity! If you have donations that you have not yet exploited, it will be time to use them. Some of you will have the opportunity to change your career orientation.


Everything about your children will be under the best auspices. So you can expect a worry-free period for them. If they are teenagers, they will get along with you better than usual.


Doubt leads to examination and examination of the truth "(Pierre Abelard).

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