Taurus Horoscope


COUPLES: Conjugal relationships will not be bad, for the simple reason that you'll be better prepared than usual to put water in your wine: you'll be less fussy, you'll do proof of a largesse of idea of ​​which you would not have been suspected; In short, you will be more pleasant to live. Avoid mixing too much logic with your Loves.

SINGLES: The Loveeux climate of the period will be marked by kindness, understanding, joy of life, worldliness and Delicate loves impregnated with gaiety. A time to seize the flight to engage sustainably under the best auspices.


Your finances will be generally protected by Pluto. You will be safe from difficulties, provided, of course, not to take too many risks. Give yourself some extras to maintain your morale, but do not ruin yourself! For the most cautious natives, this period can bring a good surprise. An investment will start to pay off.


With Jupiter in harmonic aspect, no major health problems to be feared! But to keep you in top shape, watch your diet. Try not to overuse red meat and increase your consumption of fresh vegetables and fruits.


New solutions may be available to you during this time. You would be wrong to refuse them by discouragement or disillusionment; take at least all the time you need to think, weigh the pros and cons, before you decide. Good agreement in the middle of your Work.


Keep an eye on your children's health. A complete medical examination every semester is recommended, even if they have no abnormality or any worrying symptoms. "All health is a sick person who does not know" (Jules Romains). That said, you will get along very well with your little ones.


A place for everything and everything in its place "(Samuel Smiles).

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