Scorpio Horoscope


COUPLES: A native living as a couple, you'll be at the forefront of enjoying an exceptional heavenly setup. On the program: a serene and authentic happiness, absolute complicity with your partner.

SINGLES: Venus, the Goddess of Love, will awaken your sensuality and increase your power of seduction . These days will be particularly favorable heart side. An important meeting will then be possible and even probable.


This position of Pluto should make you look a little more cautious financially. The protection you have been receiving lately will no longer be as effective. This does not mean that you risk difficulties. Simply, be aware that if you take too much risk or spend inconsiderately, this time, you will not be able to rely on luck to help you quickly find balance.


With Mars and Jupiter influencing your health sectors, neither energy nor optimism will fail you. But it will still be necessary to observe some precautions. Mars tends to want to go too fast, beware of small accidents, if you drive or if you tinker. As for Jupiter, it can expose you to small problems related to excesses of table or sex.


Under the impetus of the planet Saturn, your professional projects will begin to take shape. But do not hurry, at the risk of making everything go bad! Do the daily tasks slowly if you do not want to, at the first serious obstacle, make a depression and believe everything lost. Remember to save your strength.


If you are planning to move, the period will look good for a house or apartment. Take a stroll, outside of your usual itineraries, and with Pluto's support, you'll find what might be right for you to house your little world.


Excellent memoirs join willingly with foolish judgments "(Montaigne)

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