Scorpio Horoscope


COUPLES: The Moon in this aspect will strive to intensify your married life. But a certain susceptibility can sometimes throw a cold. In addition, jealousy will be able to appear, often for no good reason.

SINGLES: The chances of meeting will be increased. But it will be advisable not to go too fast and to take the time to very well know the person met before committing: it will be better to go slowly and surely to avoid a separation, which is always very painfully felt by the natives of the sign.


Your pecuniary worries will go off at a giant pace. Money from everywhere will converge on your wallet. Even the debtors you despaired of will pay their taxes in such a bad way. But you will have a new worry, that of spending this Money! As Lucius Florus said, "It's as bad to have Money as you do not have".


Your health will reach one of the peaks. Know that relaxation or gymnastic exercises would do you the greatest good, but provided you persevere in this way, without fainting once. Swimming or outdoor walks would be nice and profitable.


The influxes of Mars will make you stubborn like three mules. This attitude will allow you to successfully carry out projects that no one other than you thought. And the future will prove you right. But you might have some problems in your professional relationships.


Some tensions may disrupt the family atmosphere at the beginning of the week. But soon it will be a bad memory: great moments of tenderness and euphoria under your roof will mark the rest of the period.


A scholarly fool is more than an ignorant fool "(Molière).

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