Scorpio Horoscope


COUPLES: This is one of the strongest times of the year on the marital side. Perfectly placed in your Heaven, Venus will lavish your favors. Happiness for two will be there!

SINGLES: Your Loveful relationships will take an intense turn. Whether you are a young Loveeux or an old lover, you will have passionate relationships with your partner of the moment, where jealousy will play a big role.


Be on the lookout for exciting opportunities. You will have the opportunity to do good business and make lucrative financial transactions. You can easily balance your budget.


Five tonic planets will influence your Health sectors: neither vitality nor joy of life will be lacking. That said, the untimely presence of Mars, a planet related to fevers and inflammation, must commit you to caution. Protect yourself against cold and polluted atmospheres.


Professional success will be one of your concerns again. You will leave your relative retirement to conquer new heights. Your success in these areas will be assured by Mars, provided you are realistic and visionary. Any impatience or negligence will be severely punished.


Your relationship with your loved ones will be under the protection of the Sun and Venus. These stars of a beneficial nature will highlight the areas of your theme related to Family's life. You will spend delicious moments with your parents and your brothers and sisters. If you have children, you will have edifying conversations with them.


Too sweet laws are not followed, too harsh laws are not enforced "(B. Franklin).

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