Scorpio Horoscope


COUPLES: The planets will be full of concern for your heart. You will be able to enjoy peacefully the sweetness and the peace of your Nest of Love. Everything will be fine: TV evenings or candlelight dinners, you'll have a choice.

SINGLES: There will be nice flirting for SINGLES, but they will not a low probability of duration; the separations will be done without bitterness and without grudge, and you will live without making plans for the future.


There is nothing to fear financially if you remain cautious and reasonable. But if you give in to your current tendency to be spender or impulsive in business, watch out for Pluto! Negative enough, this star will not give you a gift if you take too much risk. Beware of ruinous shopping desires. Also be wary of some crazy ideas that can go into your head about investments or investments.


No particular Health problem right now, the stars governing vitality being all well-considered. You will even seem to be invulnerable to the microbes and viruses that roam. If you really do not feel good, it will be due to an emotional upheaval.


The hard work and tenacity that you will demonstrate will allow you to complete a professional project that is difficult and terribly ambitious. You will very soon receive the just reward for all your efforts. Plutonian influences will give flair to the natives of the first decade, allowing them to feel the hidden danger. They will be able to see clearly in the inextricable labyrinth of some wicked affairs where we would like to train them.


The family atmosphere will be lively, warm, each member of the household offering a thousand and one activities. Be careful, however, at the very end of the period, at a risk of misunderstanding. Do not be angry until you get to the bottom of the question.


The hymen is too often a pitfall for Love "(J.F. Regnard).

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