Scorpio Horoscope


COUPLES: With the help of Uranus, your marital status improves considerably these days. This improvement will be due to a renewed spontaneous affection between you and your spouse or partner.

SINGLES: So many dating and adventure opportunities this week! You will not know where to turn and face the embarrassment of choice. All pretexts will be good to become Don Juan or Messaline. In short, the period will be very good for the drag, for the Love and, why not, for the marriage too.


The money should flow to you from all sides. This will be the moment or the time to perform operations or investments. But be careful though: it would be catastrophic to let you go to exaggerated and futile spending, even if you are momentarily more comfortable.


The astral climate with strong Jupiterian dominance will be physically positive as it will increase vitality. This may have psychological repercussions, involving a marked increase in morale and a tendency to optimism, a healthy trend that you do not always have.


The global planetary trend seems very favorable to Work and Career. Previously designed businesses can take a turn for profit. The main thing will be, for the moment, to show more initiative, in order to transform the current good current into total and final success.


Home life will be particularly enjoyable, safe and well-honed. Good times are therefore to be hoped. You will not seek new adventures, but stability and calm, a certain lifestyle focused on the home, trying to make happy those who live under your roof.


You need to be more stingy with your time than your Money "(Christine from Sweden).

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