Scorpio Horoscope


COUPLES: Three stars will pamper your heart. You will conjugate the verb "to love" on all the tones, all the registers. Harmony and marital balance all along the line. You will even want to stop the time, so you will feel good and happy with your spouse or partner!

SINGLES: For many SINGLES, flirts in this period can give rise to deeper relationships and even lead to marriage of the purest tradition!


Take advantage of this time to tackle your Money problems. With this aspect of Saturn, you will manage your finances efficiently and you will easily overcome difficulties.


The only planet to play right now on your Health: the Sun, a symbol of radiance and vitality. This means that you can be reassured: you will be full of energy. But be careful, it will channel this energy so that it does not turn against you.


The period will be very hectic in the professional field. Many upheavals in the air. But you will have the art and the way out of the cracks. Above all, be very adaptable: there are ideas or projects that you will have to leave in place to cope with the new situation.


Saturn will inspire you this week to reveal the most sensitive, warmest aspect of your personality. Your loved ones, who sometimes complain on your side a little cold and distant, will be satisfied, and that will put balm in your heart.


Women are never stronger than when they arm themselves with their weakness "(Madame du Deffand).

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