Scorpio Horoscope


COUPLES: The content of this period will depend a lot on you in your life together. You will make yourself friendly when you want. You will get a lot if you put goodwill in.

SINGLES: You will be very excited by the idea of ​​conquering those (or those) who resist you; but once your prey has fallen into your clutches, it will not interest you much! Yet a very skilled person might kidnap your heart, and you would not want to leave it!


This aspect of Saturn will put financial issues at the center of your concerns. Some of you will be called upon to make fairly decided decisions about, for example, the purchase of housing or real estate. Others will benefit from an exceptional return of Money from their parents or some "uncle in America".


With this aspect of Pluto, you should have flawless physical resistance. This will help you meet the challenges that lie ahead in certain areas of your life. Tonic and sure of you, you will not be easily destabilized. Only risk: excessive nervous tension, which could prevent you from sleeping properly and relaxing.


It seems like a good time to think about diversifying your business, especially if you have a liberal or commercial profession. On the other hand, be careful not to give in to the tendency to see too much and to undertake more than you are able to achieve; do the right thing to distinguish between dream and reality in your businesses.


Considering the peaceful aspects in your Astral Sky, your family life this week will really give you the serenity, the tranquility you so badly need. No tension, no clash with your loved ones. You will not dramatize the slightest incident and will be extremely tolerant.


It's harder to do nothing than Workler "(Ennius).

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