Scorpio Horoscope


COUPLES: After the recent frictions, all of which are not serious, you will succeed in restoring harmonious relationships with your partner by mastering your instinctive side. The radiant sun will return to your Loveeux Sky.

SINGLES: This week seems quite conducive to an upscale meeting. You are likely to meet someone who will attract you irresistibly, with whom you will experience true sexual passion. Better yet, this discovery of ecstasy will be accompanied by such inflamed feelings.


You will manage your budget with skill. In addition, you could benefit from exceptional financial opportunities through meetings, finds, contests, gifts, gifts, amicable discounts, etc.


Your Health will not give you much trouble, apart from a certain intestinal laziness, causing heaviness and migraines. A fair balance of food would be enough to put things in order. Also enjoy your meals at regular times, relaxed and in a good mood.


Everything will be fine for you professionally if you have the wisdom to speak little. This week, more than ever, you will have to ponder this sentence of the great Chinese philosopher Chuang-Tzu: "The best use we can make of speech is to be silent". Do not share your projects with anyone, because there will be who would like to take advantage of your indiscretion to block the road.


You will be attentive to the real needs of your children and will not seek to impose your point of view and your tastes at any cost. You will also be able to show generosity and understanding to all of your loved ones. All this will promote an excellent atmosphere in your home.


Anger is a short madness "(Horace).

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