Scorpio Horoscope


COUPLES: The Moon will highlight some disagreements with your spouse or partner. These disagreements do not threaten the stability of your relationship, but they hinder its harmony. Agree to discuss calmly, allowing the other to express their views to the end. This will be the only way to find a solution. If you know how to listen, your reward will be immense.

SINGLES: SINGLES, rejoice! With this aspect of Mars, you will live passionate Loves, exhilarating, without much risk of putting the rope around your neck!


The planetary influxes of the period will earn you appreciable chances in the handling of Money and speculations in general. You will refuel your bank account!


Side Health, you will be generally protected by Venus, planet of luck and well-being. Beware of excesses of all kinds. This planet may indeed make you too greedy or too sensual. Beware of digestive problems or exhaustion!


In this good times, you will have to focus all your energy on the project that is most important to you and not be distracted by secondary considerations. It will not be a good time to have fun, but to fight the final battle before the final victory.


Under the impetus of the planet Uranus, you will aspire to live in perfect harmony with your family. Only, you will be faced with difficulties that you did not imagine, and you will need a lot of consistency to achieve your ends.


All life is a journey to death "(Seneca).

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