Scorpio Horoscope


COUPLES: Your married life will be under the sign of renewal. You will absolutely need to change your relationship with your spouse, otherwise your Love will languish under the weight of habits.

SINGLES: Blessed period for lonely hearts, because Astral conjuncture will encourage meetings, especially during the weekend. Some relationships this week are likely to last.


The stars will give you a hand to consolidate or improve your financial situation. Many of you will even get an increase in your income. But do not rest on your laurels, and do not forget to take this opportunity to think about the future.


You will be doing pretty well overall. A slight downside however: your sign will be influenced by Saturn and Neptune, which could be worth a little tendency to brood ideas dark. To overcome this, focus on the action and avoid being alone.


There will be a lot of turmoil and agitation in your professional life. The arrival of new colleagues, or the setting up of new structures, will force you to appeal to your sense of adaptation. But do not worry: Mercury will be there to support you. If you show goodwill and motivation, everything will be the best of the world.


This astral situation will help you reconcile with your children or other loved ones. You can easily find the right words and gestures to ease tensions and dispel misunderstandings.


The innocent finds a way to be eloquent, even if he is slow to speak "(Euripides).

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