Sagittarius Horoscope


COUPLES: Sensual and charming according to your habit, this time you will add another string to your bow, and not least: a torrid sexuality! You will not have to promise it, and your partner may have to cry for mercy!

SINGLES: With this aspect of Venus, you will climb directly to the seventh heaven this week, as long as you know how to savor every passing minute. Your Loveful relationships will give you the greatest satisfaction.


Your wool stocking should be rounded up without you having to work hard. Do not expect to suddenly make a fortune: what awaits you is a comfortable financial situation, slightly higher than in previous weeks. It is possible, however, that some natives of the first decade will see their standard of living increase considerably.


This is a period that comes under the best auspices. You will have tone to spare. You can multiply activities without feeling tired. Very good appetite.


It will be difficult for you to work as a team. And yet you will have to do it. So, try to withstand these constraints and do not run into the stretchers; patience will pay off.


Is your house gray? Why not repaint or even renovate it? A refit would be welcome, not only for the sake of your morale but also that of the family agreement, because everyone in your home will put his hand to the pulp and will feel complicit.


The whim of our mood is even more bizarre than that of fortune "(La Rochefoucauld).

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