Sagittarius Horoscope


COUPLES: You will live in the honeymoon! Jupiter, the Great Beneficial, will go in this period to visit your area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLoves. Your life as a couple will be your greatest achievement. You will see your partner from a different and more enchanting angle.

SINGLES: Do not despair! With this aspect of Venus, it seems that many people "good in every way" are turning around you, probably without you noticing it very clearly, and waiting for a small sign of encouragement from you.


You will put your mind into improving your material situation by any means possible. Great idea, which will be inspired by Jupiter, in a strong position in your Money sector.


This aspect of Pluto will be excellent for establishing a personal discipline of Health and supporting, with less effort than usual, the necessary sacrifices. You will discipline yourself, for example, in food, by eating less or better.


You will feel the need to broaden your horizons. But your situation will seem to lack some stability. In truth, thanks to the beautiful aspect of Saturn, you can expect important and beneficial transformations in your Work.


In view of the excellent influx of Neptune, you will need to be able to smoothly solve some problems that were confusing your relationship with your loved ones. Begin discussions in calm and serenity; hang them as soon as the tone starts to rise.


In politics, an absurdity is not an obstacle "(Napoleon I).

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