Sagittarius Horoscope


COUPLES: You will oscillate between two trends: on the one hand, a desire to escape and experience new thrills; and on the other, a desire to stabilize your married life. A choice will not be easy!

SINGLES: You will fly to the seventh heaven of passion. The stars will allow you to taste intense Love Joys. SINGLES men will be popular with young and pretty women, and SINGLES women will be a success.


The astral environment of the present period may open the appetite for monetary gains to the point of exceeding all your hopes. Speculation, in particular, will be very enticing and, for once, you'd do well to succumb to temptation. Of course, we can not pretend that the transaction will be risk-free, but it will be acceptable if you know how to limit yourself to reasonable limits.


You will hold an Olympic form. But you will not have to fall asleep on your laurels. Continue to be wise in the food and sex fields and lead a relaxed lifestyle.


Mars will support your will power. It will also intensify your intelligence and your imagination. Its action can therefore help you to realize some of your professional projects, especially those with delicate aspects in direct relation to the economic situation. The most favored will obviously be the natives who take care of politics or trade union action.


Home life will be particularly pleasant and harmonious. Some of you will change their lifestyle, their way of being through a new facility, real estate gains.


It takes a good memory after being lied to "(Crow).

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