Sagittarius Horoscope


COUPLES: Marital happiness will make you smile this week. This will be all the more pleasing to you as Saturn has recently placed you in a rather gloomy climate. You and your partner will have intense mutual feelings.

SINGLES: The trend will be good this week and nice meetings are possible. You will be both magnetic and very attracted by the novelty, but the reason will prevail. In many SINGLES, the opportunity will make the thief.


Good financial prospects all this week, thanks to the planets which are generally favorable to you but especially thanks to the fixed stars. Two of them have the main effect of promoting enrichment or unexpected earnings.


You'll benefit from the energy and vitality of Mars, which will help you overcome a certain mood of depression. Organize a busy schedule, skilfully combining the domestic or professional tasks and hobbies you love. Do not stay idle, because it's the activity that will save you.


Dopé Jupiter and Uranus, very favorable, you will be keen to succeed in your Work. You'll get the recognition you want, or you'll have more responsibility or autonomy.


Only Venus, a beneficial planet, will have an impact on your loved ones this week. The members of your Family, from the oldest to the youngest, will give you a lot of joy. Your relationship with them will be marked by tenderness and understanding.


The heat of the bed does not boil the pot "(Italian proverb).

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