Sagittarius Horoscope


COUPLES: In couples, the agreement will be good, but only if you act with tact and gentleness. Avoid small quarrels due to some instability of mood on your part. Make an effort to be more open to discussion.

SINGLES: SINGLES from all countries, wake up! You will have this week of excellent planetary configurations concerning your love life. It will not be the moment to get into your shell. Do not make complexes; dare.


It will be a financially fortunate time, where your skill and critical thinking will enable you to act in a much more profitable way than usual. The finances will be stronger, and you will have a flair to make your profits profitable.


Mars, the master of energy, will earn you an excellent tone. You will be in a dazzling form. Those of you who have a long-term condition will see their condition improve; it will be time to try new therapies.


Well-behaved Jupiter will be your dream ally these days. This will be the moment of great victories and spectacular actions, especially if you are in the first decade. You will succeed in your most formal or essential steps to your future. You will go to the end, with tenacity and power of Work, of what you have undertaken.


Because of the unusual astral conjunctions in your native Heaven, you will feel insecure on the family level. You will feel that your loved ones are distant, cold with you. Yet, if you manage to dominate your subjectivity, you will find that your entourage is very attached to you.


Only fools and deaths do not change their minds "(James Russel Lowell).

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