Sagittarius Horoscope


COUPLES: This global cocktail promises you one of the most buoyant times of the year on the marital level. Your married life will be more mesmerizing than ever. You will spend happy days with your spouse or partner.

SINGLES: Venus, the Goddess of Love, promises you a very happy time on the Loveeux plan. It will promote a memorable meeting, which could be realized, more or less short term, by a marriage. So, above all, do not refuse invitations!


Great time to get back on the water or increase your capital with the good influences of Jupiter. It will be a good time to sign contracts and to make acquisitions or carry out transactions.


You will be in good shape all the time thanks to Mars. The protection of this planet will earn you a much higher morale, which will have a positive impact on your physical resistance. It will however be necessary to show you a little more vigilant in the second half of the period: the astral configuration of then will not affect your tone, but risks making you momentarily rather awkward. Beware of small accidents, especially if you play sports or do-it-yourself.


Daily life as part of your Work will be easy and worry-free this week. This relaxed atmosphere will leave you free to think about plans for the future and pinpoint your new business goals.


You should not play domestic tyrants too much. Otherwise, you will be able to gain unanimity against you, and a tense atmosphere, very unpleasant, may reign in your family life. Be tolerant and understanding.


Time and time are wasting time "(William Camden).

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