Sagittarius Horoscope


COUPLES: Venus well aspected will exert a beneficial influence on the life of two. For some natives, conjugal difficulties will disappear as if by magic. The temptations outside the couple will subside significantly.

SINGLES: This period will be one of the best of the year for a meeting promised a bright future. If someone makes you beat your heart, do not play the shy ones: explain yourself clearly. It would be too bad to miss such a great opportunity!


It's possible that you have a long-term investment opportunity this week. Think carefully before you start. But do not hesitate if all the factors seem favorable to you. In any case, your financial chances will be much better this week than so far.


The Health sector will be perfectly clear. You will be safe from risks. You will have excellent physical fitness. Much more toned than lately, you will recover quickly in case of stress or fatigue. If you have a chronic illness, your current treatment will be quite effective.


It's not because everything has not gone as planned that you have to lose confidence in yourself. If some of your achievements are delayed, they do not know the failure. It will be a very good time to improve your profession, to develop your specific talents, and to ensure the final success.


You will benefit from the support of the planet Uranus. As a consequence, your sense of organization will be your major asset, and everything will turn round at home. The family atmosphere will approach perfection.


Second thoughts are wisest "(Euripides).

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