Sagittarius Horoscope


COUPLES: Uranus, Neptune and the Moon promise you tenderness and sensuality in couple, but also stability and fidelity. Make the most of these good planetary influences.

SINGLES: Loves you in cinemascope! The everyday, the banal, ugh, you will not want it! But this Loveful requirement will not make your life easier. No matter, you will look for the rare pearl; some will find it.


This aspect of Neptune will give you some financial protection. If you are in debt, it will be time to negotiate a staggered repayment. Similarly, if you want to change your investments or reinvest, this period will be a good time to do it.


Forgotten, the small evils of the last weeks. Thanks to a tonic astral climate, you will find a good shape. You can also count on Jupiter, harmonic, which will assure you a dynamism without flaw.


Jupiter in a beneficial aspect will ensure that your projects and processes meet this week with approval and success. Last-minute help will come out of you, as if by magic.


Educating your children, organizing your family life will be your main concern, and you will be struggling to properly fulfill your parenting role. In addition, you will seek to establish good relationships with your parents, and will be there to support them if they ever need them.


Sometimes we forget the harm we have suffered, never the one we have done "(Avddanas).

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