Sagittarius Horoscope


COUPLES: A native living as a couple, an alliance between Mars and Venus will put you in an increasingly passionate climate as you approach the end of the week. Feelings will animate you. Will they be wisdom or madness? You be the judge ! You will want to thoroughly enjoy the pleasures of married life in the company of your loved one.

SINGLES: A matter of heart can take a very favorable and more lasting, if you moderate your taste for independence and freedom. This relationship could bring you a lot of happiness and a greater harmony of life.


If you've been thinking about doing large deals for a while or changing how you manage your hardware resources, this is the time to get started. Thanks to Pluto's support, you'll be able to make the right choices and avoid pitfalls.


Things will look good on the Health side. Instinctively, you'll want a well-balanced lifestyle. You will feel less inclined to waste your energy in all directions, and you will always have some reserves to focus on the activities you are interested in.


Three planets will positively influence the professional sector throughout the period. Your enthusiasm will be great, your ideas will be clear, your judgment will be solid and your courage will be worthy of your projects - in a word, you will be able to achieve the goals you have set for yourself. If you need financing, these planets will make sure you get a good bank loan without much difficulty.


It is especially your home that will be affected by the good influxes of Mercury. You will want to move or buy a house, and your wishes will be favored. Harmonious climate in Family, complicity with your children.


The one who obeys is almost always better than the one who commands "(Ernest Renan).

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