Pisces Horoscope


COUPLES: If your relationship is strong, you'll have a great time, serene and stable, with your spouse. If you doubt the future of your life together, this peaceful time will allow you to take stock and tighten your bonds.

SINGLES: SINGLES will have a good chance to meet the ideal partner and, for many of them, to enter into a rich marriage in many ways.


Saturn in beautiful appearance will give you good hopes of improving your standing, especially if you are first decan. There will be quite significant money movements. Good intuition in various transactions, stock market investments. People who owe you money will be able to pay you back. Do not make unreasonable expenses.


Well-planned, several planets will endow you with a form and a moral foolproof. In addition, you will receive special favors from Venus, which will keep your Loveeuse form at the top level.


Well supported by the energizing planet Mars, you will succeed quite easily in your various businesses. The secret of your success lies in the fact that you will move from idea to action much faster than usual. You will work in the right direction to make your dreams come true.


In Family, you will use this time of your power of seduction with a consummate art. No one under your roof will be able to resist you, especially your children, who will take you to the skies.


Women guess everything, and when they are wrong, it's because they think "(Alphonse Karr).

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