Pisces Horoscope


COUPLES: Or you will be in perfect harmony with your beloved, both physically and intellectually; or, if you are tired of your current partner, you will be tempted to abandon it simply, without further ado. It is this aspect of Jupiter that will incite you to extremes. But nothing will stop you from choosing a wiser middle way.

SINGLES: Exalted and sensual to the extreme, you'll only feel good this week if you're Loving, and not necessarily the same person!


Keep your eyes on your bank account, so you do not have too bad surprises. You will indeed be tempted to spend money and live well beyond your means.


This period will find you in very good physical shape. Your usual little health troubles will fade. As luck would have it, this surge of vitality will take place at the same time as the beneficial changes you will see in other ways. This is irrefutable proof that at least you, the physical depends closely on the psychic.


Take advantage of the beautiful aspect of Mercury this week to fully invest in your business, and take bold initiatives. You are unlikely to be fooled right now.


In Family, try to moderate your critical spirit. Otherwise, your loved ones will not dare to say anything or do anything, and then there will be no possibility of dialogue, harmony and harmony at home. If you show tolerance, if you try to talk less and listen more, the family atmosphere will be excellent.


Every man shelters in him a wild beast "(Frederick the Great).

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