Pisces Horoscope


COUPLES: For you, a native living as a couple, the gift of the period will definitely be the influence of Venus in your area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLove. By forming a favorable configuration, Venus will offer you beautiful days of tenderness and complicity.

SINGLES: For the SINGLES, the Loveettes will be more numerous than ever, but they will remain ephemeral. It would be unrealistic to expect stability right now, given the changing astral mood of the period.


Your chances of making excellent financial transactions or real estate transactions will be increased. If you are faced with a succession problem, you will find a sensible solution during this period.


You will be able this week to provide great physical effort without unnecessary fatigue. On the other hand, your nervous equilibrium could pose some problems to you: of an emotivity which is difficult to control, you will tend to follow your impulses. Yoga and martial arts will do you a lot of good in this regard.


You will be boosted by significant global impacts affecting the occupational areas of your natal chart. The Sun will indeed awaken your desire to succeed. More importantly, this configuration of Jupiter will augur a favorable time for the evolution of your career. It's up to you to define what you want and take initiatives; success will be at the rendezvous.


Uranus, Neptune and the Moon will create a pleasant climate in Family, marked by tenderness, but also by divine surprises.


In any case, get married. If you come across a good wife, you will be happy; and if you come across a bad one, you will become a philosopher, which is great for man "(Socrates).

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