Pisces Horoscope


COUPLES: A talented lover or fulfilled companion, these days you will have the blessing of the benevolent Venus planet in good shape. Emotional fulfillment is promised and guaranteed. You will find extreme charms to your couple.

SINGLES: The stars promise you a very important meeting. The one you meet will attract you irresistibly, arousing in you as much a desire of a rare intensity as very deep feelings.


This time, you risk spending your Money faster than you will earn! And you will be reluctant to consider the precautionary advice of the person with whom you live or your family. It should, however, if you want to avoid being in serious trouble.


Beautiful fitness, which will make you daring. This punch will make you seize the chance by the hair. Be careful, however, to the poorly-shaped Moon, which could make you clumsy in your movements.


No planet will directly affect your career, and you're likely to approach your Work with a lot of fun this week. This will not have any consequence, because the bad configurations, which made reign lately a rather tense atmosphere on your place of Work, leave this time the place with a clear Sky. You will be able to go about your tasks most peacefully in the world.


The astral climate of the period will encourage circumspection in family discussions. You will have enough sense of nuance to avoid falling into a despotism difficult to bear for those around you. The good family atmosphere will be preserved.


It is often more important to confess one's mistakes than not to commit them "(La Rochefoucauld-Doudeauville).

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