Pisces Horoscope


COUPLES: Instead of letting yourself be tempted by extravagant adventures without panache, you'd better do it for the one who shares your life. Soon, the pleasure of the senses will lead you both in a magical whirlwind, which will allow you to deepen your mutual relations.

SINGLES: The astral atmosphere of the period will greatly enhance Loveful adventures. In any case, you will meet strong personalities whose powerful temper will excite you and will never leave you indifferent.


With Mercury in your camp, you'll have no trouble balancing your budget, and may even benefit from an unexpected and ... welcome Money. Beware, however, if you have important financial decisions to make: Uranus will look bad Friday; beware, then, of lack of lucidity or impulsiveness!


The period will be very favorable for Health. If you suffer from inflammatory disorders, they will diminish significantly thanks to the good aspects of Neptune. You will be in good shape. But you will still be wary of the risks of intoxication and stomach trouble. Avoid preserves, fatty dishes, sauces raised.


This period, under the jurisdiction of Jupiter well aspected, will go in the direction of the successes or the recoveries. You can expect a lot of professional satisfactions. But beware of smug triumphalism, or a contemptuous attitude towards those who have had less merit or luck than you. Remember that "any insolent winner at his Workle loss" (La Fontaine).


Your efforts will not have been in vain: you will notice these days the very positive effects in your relations with your family. Continue in this good way, and you will taste the deepest joys.


Odor point, good smell "(Cicero).

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