Pisces Horoscope


COUPLES: Your love drives will be strong and you will express them with passion, which will make you go up to the seventh heaven with your partner whenever you like. It would also be a good time to repair some clumsiness that you may have committed against the other.

SINGLES: Rejoice: Love will be at the rendezvous you! You will meet a rare pearl. The feeling will arise spontaneously, and it will be deep because it will spring from the most intimate of yourself. During this period of happiness you will be invaded by a wonderful feeling of well-being, even if you feel unable to rationalize your choice.


With this astral configuration with clear Uranian domination, the prognosis is very good with regard to investments and bonds. The natives of the sign will be well inspired in their transactions. One could even add that they will generally have a chance to gamble bigger than usual.


Good vitality and optimism. However, know how to spare your strength and avoid nervous fatigue. Relax in good company, make fun relationships, and look for all the healthy distractions that will further improve your mental and physical state.


Interesting opportunities will come through influential, high-profile relationships that will captivate you with your charm and expertise. Everything comes in ease, favors and invitations. Cultivate all that can be used to advance your career and the fulfillment of your gifts. But beware of flatterers.


Everything about your home, your home will be fully promoted. If you are thinking of transformations in this area, they will be realized according to your wishes. You will be very satisfied with the behavior of your children, and you will welcome the health status of your parents.


Cowards die many times before their death "(Shakespeare).

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