Pisces Horoscope


COUPLES: Couple life will be subject to very good planetary influences. The most favored partners will be those who work together. But if this is not your case, do not be discouraged, because the planet Venus will give you other points of convergence to tighten your bonds.

SINGLES: Loveful climate eventful, subject to rebounds of the genre break, love at first sight, sorrow, disappointment, sudden separation ... Number of singles will experience a particularly complex situation, confused, sometimes linked to several centers Loveeux with impossibility to make a choice.


Your sense of opportunity, sharpened by the action of Mercury, will allow you to count on a certain financial chance. But be careful not to go out of the law, and know how to refuse the dubious offers on this plan.


The present astral configuration will have a very dynamic effect on you. You'll want to do sports, swimming, gymnastics, or even more unexpected activities like karate, or aikido, just to let off steam.


You will feel powerfully motivated. You will want to realize all your projects or your ambitions. It will be all about keeping you there and making sure it gets in shape. Why not get help from friends?


Some planetary impulses will help you quell the feuds in your family circle and make the surrounding climate quieter and warmer despite the aggression of some members. At the end of the period, you will enjoy a delicious peace, conquered at the peak of your understanding and your tolerance.


There is not as much distance from beast to beast as from man to man "(Plutarch).

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