Pisces Horoscope


COUPLES: With this week's astral configuration, you will certainly have to make a big effort to preserve good marital harmony. Try to understand your partner better: he may feel as alone as you. A frank and calm conversation could dispel many misunderstandings.

SINGLES: The influence of Jupiter in your sign will give the start to a period conducive to dating. Maybe this time you'll meet someone who will make you beat your heart.


It will be time to make financial decisions or invest in useful purchases; you can contact the banks and get support, but do not overuse it.


You will have a little trouble relaxing. But, thanks to Mercury in good appearance, your general tone will compensate for this nervous fragility and will allow you to recover quickly. Plus, your sleep will be deeper than usual.


Everything will be positive and profitable in the professional field. The stars will incite you to a great concentration and a beautiful power of Work. You will have the patience and perseverance that will allow you to get closer to your most important goals.


You will do everything you can to promote a harmonious emotional climate at home. In case of conflict, you will be humorous, and this will immediately relax the family atmosphere.


One never speaks of oneself without loss: the own convictions are always increased, the praises mescrues "(Montaigne).

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