Pisces Horoscope


COUPLES: A happy ending will occur in your married life. Venus was there for something, but it is true that you have done enough to make this event possible. FĂ©liQuotes! Enjoy your happiness. Do not fall asleep, however, on your laurels. Continue to Workler to consolidate your acquired benefits.

SINGLES: You'll be in a flirtation mood, but not really ready to engage seriously. Thanks to the complicity of Venus in beautiful aspect, you will benefit from good fortune Loveeuses.


You will be well inspired financially. Thanks to the good aspects of Mercury, you will effectively manage your material situation, and the results will not be long in coming.


Coming to influence your sector Health, Mars, concentrated energy, should be worth to you a great shape, but also, alas, to expose the most unwise of you to small accidental risks. To avoid turning your car into a stock car or burn yourself if you cook, act calmly and patiently.


The planets will be relatively neutral in the evolution of your career. The first three days will be easy and promising. Afterwards, you will probably have to be more vigilant because of Neptune. This star will not be negative, but it may however require you to provide an extra effort to succeed, or to review some of your claims down.


The family atmosphere will be lively and warm. Both your parents and your children will bring you a deep sense of satisfaction and peace.


For those who can walk around at leisure, even the jungle is a royal road "(Sinhala proverb).

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