Libra Horoscope


COUPLES: The agreement will be good with the spouse, who will be admirably tolerant and will pass his wishes after yours. Make some efforts towards the other, and have these little touches that are so much fun. Always remember that Love and affection are not one-way ways.

SINGLES: The beautiful astral aspects of the period will be conducive to passions, to Loveeuse fervor, to a great joy of living. You will feel more conquering. And if you do not want to engage your loveful faith in a total way, you will find a lot of charm to the adventures that will arise.


These days you will have great money needs to satisfy all your desires. Still, you'd better take advantage of this happy aspect of Neptune to put Money aside and invest it safely.


You will enjoy a strong health. But be careful: appearances can be deceiving. Do not rely too much on the feeling of vitality you will feel. Keep the right hovel, especially in the food field. Otherwise you may be in trouble.


The astral environment of the period will multiply your desire to make you a place in the sun. The trouble is that you risk getting rid of your usual caution and making mistakes in judgment. So strive to cultivate patience, and beware of conflicts with your superiors, conflicts that could leave traces.


This period, dominated by the Moon, will give you a homely mood and make you a lover of domestic joys. It will be very difficult to get you out of your cozy cocoon and your slippers. Your friends will have all the trouble in the world to invite you to their parties. And you will have the art of creating, at home, a warm atmosphere.


The mistake is as big to trust everyone as to be defiant "(Seneca).

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