Libra Horoscope


COUPLES: Spousal relationships will be auspicious. The agreement will be perfect in many ways. The period would be well chosen to make some embellishments in the home, to make it more welcoming or more comfortable, without having to break the bank.

SINGLES: You will tend to you pack too easily in Love. While your meetings will be many, but many will be more interested than interesting. However, this will not prevent some of you from considering starting a home.


With this aspect of Saturn, you will experience a prosperous period, provided you do not indulge in hazardous speculation by following the advice of laymen. Money will pour in from all sides: late profits will come, money will be returned to your stock market, etc.


With Venus in this aspect, you can expect excellent basic tone. All of you who are coming out of Health problems will see their condition improve significantly. A caveat however: Venus is very greedy and when you are under his influence, we have the easy fork. Beware of cholesterol or unnecessary roundness!


Professionally, be patient, as conflicts and difficulties of all kinds await you. You will be faced with situations that you can not predict the outcome. Do not rely too much on the promises and protections you expect.


At the very beginning of the period, you will only see the disadvantages of Family's life. Non-conformist in nature, you will hate obligations, which seem to be a serious obstacle to your personal growth. But after that, you'll have a sweet honeymoon with your kids.


The change of Work is a kind of rest "(Gilles Ménage).

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