Libra Horoscope


COUPLES: Encouraged by Mercury in beautiful appearance, you will be more flexible, more tolerant towards your spouse or partner. And you will receive in return all the affection and the complicity that you seek.

SINGLES: The SINGLES will know a favorable period heart side. The moment will be ideal if they wish to take steps with members of the opposite sex, because they will have more daring, more assertiveness than usual.


The taste for possession, the ardor to increase one's wealth will be exalted during this period. Your business acumen will be acute and subtle, capable of helping you to carry out splendid acquisitions. The moment will also be conducive to transactions on art objects.


Your general physical condition will be very good. But despite this, some of you will feel small discomforts caused mainly by excessive nervousness. Save time for a little jogging or relaxation every day; it will be an ideal way to erase these evils.


This week, thanks to the influx of Jupiter, all professional activities will be promoted. In particular, commercial transactions related to leisure and dietetics will bring you very encouraging benefits. A small trip may be the key to the success of a project that has been in pain for some time.


The stars will make you rather bossy. But you will be skilled enough so that your loved ones see only a remarkable spirit of initiative. They will approve all the decisions you make. But you will not take advantage of the situation to lead you into a domestic tyrant. Well done!


One does not bathe twice in the same river "(Heraclitus).

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