Libra Horoscope


COUPLES: With the complicity of Venus, the efforts you have made recently to resolve the difficulties between you and your spouse or partner will bear fruit this week. The climate of your relations will be softened appreciably and will even be marked by renewed tenderness. Do not let go of your vigilance.

SINGLES: The LOVE atmosphere of the SINGLES will be a little chaotic. Many of them will succumb to thunderbolts, but their passions will fall as quickly as they are born and will sometimes turn into strong friendships.


You will strive to improve your standing, because you always like to show the exterior signs of wealth to impress the gallery. As luck will be on your side this week, thanks to the help of the stars, it will work hard for you. However, be careful not to continue in this way: "We often ruin to argue that we are rich" (Gustave Le Bon)!


With the Sun and Mercury influencing your health sector, you should feel great. Still, that will not be quite true for some of you. The fault of Neptune, whose presence could affect their morale: negative state of mind, tendency to rehash black ideas. It will be time for them to surround themselves with people who will help you overcome this delicate passage.


You will want to bring projects that are important to you to a successful conclusion. You will sometimes be criticized for being stubborn, but in reality you will admire your tenacity, your determination and your ability to lead to the end, with calm and without loud voices, what you have undertaken.


Remember that the fireplace is a very important stabilizing element. You will have to use it as a refuge where you can forget the external troubles. Do your utmost to ensure that there is an atmosphere of perfect sweetness and harmony. Mercury in harmonic aspect will help you in these efforts.


The love of a man occupies only part of his life; a woman's love occupies her entire life "(Byron).

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