Libra Horoscope


COUPLES: The planet Venus, well placed in your Heaven, will help you solve your small difficulties on the conjugal level. Misunderstandings between your partner and you will be quickly dispelled, and your Love Sky will become sunny again.

SINGLES: This aspect of Venus will increase your sex appeal. Nevertheless, if you accidentally multiply adventures, you will soon have some problems, unless you fall from exhaustion soon enough!


Despite your terrible spending desires, some of which are perfectly legitimate, consider saving money. Keep a watchful eye on your bank account anyway!


With Mars and Venus to take care of your Health, no need to worry! Dynamism and joie de vivre will be at the rendezvous. Be careful though, because Mars may indicate a slight accidental or inflammatory risk. Nothing serious, be quiet, but do not neglect the warm up if you play sports, and be careful in your movements.


In the Work, you sometimes lack a bit of daring, a zest of tone to prevail over some colleagues or competitors. Well, this more, you will have this time, thanks to the planet Mars in beautiful aspect.


A relaxing atmosphere will reign in your home environment thanks to the soothing impulses of Mercury. Some conflicts between parents and children will be resolved and soon forgotten, and the whole household will be happy to be together.


It is more unfortunate to commit an injustice than to suffer it "(Socrates).

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