Libra Horoscope


COUPLES: You will be spoiled by the planet Venus. Conjugal Love will brighten your life at this time. If you have been married for several years, you will experience a renewed passion for your spouse. For newlyweds, euphoria will be on the menu.

SINGLES: If your heart is free, get ready to fly to seventh heaven. You will live a great romantic love. In short, you will have the wonderful impression that all your dreams have finally come true.


This will be the time to dive into your accounts, if you do! A complete reorganization of your financial situation will allow you to make better your resources.


Easy period on the Health side. If you suffer from a chronic illness, this peaceful Heaven will help you improve your condition. Jupiter, the planet of medicine and doctors, will help you find a new treatment or a doctor who can better treat you.


Your strength of will, supported by Mars, will help you overcome all obstacles. You will however have to Workler hard to achieve your goals, while trying to spare some high-placed people.


The members of your family, both your children and your parents or siblings, will show you affection. That will do you a good good: you will be entitled to a period without the least concern about your Family.


More laws, and more thieves "(Lao-Tzu).

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