Libra Horoscope


COUPLES: You will feel closer and more supportive of your spouse or partner. You will have excellent relations with each other. Remember that in Love, it is more important to give than to receive.

SINGLES: With this aspect of Neptune, you will have a good chance of living Loves exotic, even if you do not leave your city. You might meet an attractive foreigner.


Heaven offers you two allies on the Money plan. On the one hand, the Sun, a beneficial body, will protect your financial equilibrium. On the other hand, the presence of Jupiter will also be beneficial for your bank account; it will be even more true if you are in the first decade.


Good general health condition. Only point to watch: both Jupiter and Venus are planets that accentuate sensuality, including greed, while weakening somewhat the digestive system. We must therefore be careful not to abuse the pleasures of the table.


Nothing is won yet, but your employment situation should start to improve. Neptune, well aspected, will prevent the hazards to take proportions too worrying. In addition, your situation will benefit from the influence of the Moon, which will significantly reduce the climate.


The areas of your theme related to Family life in general and children in particular being uninfluenced by any planet these days, it will be an easy and seamless time in this area. In particular, you will not have to worry about your parents or children.


It's better to die according to the rules than to escape from the rules "(Molière).

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