Libra Horoscope


COUPLES: With the blessing of Venus in beautiful aspect, your life as a couple will flow smoothly and without tension. Make the most of these excellent influxes to strengthen your marital bonds.

SINGLES: It seems that the SINGLES are more favored this time than the other natives of the sign. For them, life will be simple: it will be enough to seduce and the rest will manage alone. For some, a possible meeting with someone of foreign origin can lead to a high quality emotional life, and marriage plans will be made very quickly.


Those of you struggling with tough month ends should be able to start rebalancing these days. The influence of Jupiter, planet of luck, but also planet of Money, will indeed give the start to an easier period on the financial plan.


Good physical and nervous energy. But the Moon will make you impressionable and prone to gloom. Do not be influenced by those who push you to go beyond your limits. Measure the risks involved.


Planets will spoil you this week in the field of Work. You should indeed benefit from favorable circumstances, guaranteeing you a good autonomy and a better use of your personal talents.


Relationships will be good with close relatives, after experiencing some tension and uncertainty. Children can be a source of great satisfaction; try to be a little more available to them.


Health is the most valuable treasure and the easiest to lose; it is however the most badly kept "(Chauvot de BeauchĂȘne).

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