Libra Horoscope


COUPLES: The relationship will grow stronger in your relationship. Pay attention to the fact that the problems of daily life as well as your socio-professional concerns do not take precedence over your private life. Know how to balance things.

SINGLES: You should have a great meeting this week. But it does not say that this meeting should necessarily lead to marriage or a stable union. Enjoy anyway you find good.


You will experience an expansion of your business, and your financial situation will be stronger. You can count on some success achieved by the force of the wrist, provided you make some fairly significant sacrifices.


You will cross this period without a hitch. Your increased vitality will help you to handle all your tasks without feeling tired. You could even achieve exploits, sports for example.


Planet Uranus will bring a special stream of luck that should help you in all your professional ventures. Take advantage quickly, do not be sidelined, because "nobody has luck every day" (Bacchylide).


If you are married and have a parent of Family, you will have a busy schedule. But Pluto will multiply your natural energy and allow you to achieve what will appear to all as true miracles. This will give you a wonderful feeling of contentment and fullness. And your family life will look like a party.


It's good for nothing to be good to yourself "(Duponchel).

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