Libra Horoscope


COUPLES: On the marital side, the reality may well be more beautiful than the fiction this week, provided we see the best aspect of things. You will be able to increase your happiness by giving to your partner attentions and a small gift.

SINGLES: The stars will want this week that the trips favor the Encounters of Singles. It is possible that you finally know the person who suits you, both physically and intellectually.


This aspect of Pluto will favor all financial steps. This could be an opportunity for some to activate the debt repayment, and for others to apply to the Justice to increase a pension or alimony.


Neptune will balance factor. The planet will remind you that you must use your energy overflowing in a positive way, at the risk of seeing it turn against you by pushing you to commit silly things.


This period shows very encouraging trends in the professional field. Success will be acquired almost automatically; but for it to be sustainable, you will have to exercise wisdom and weight in its exploitation. In particular, watch your words, do not confide, and remember that "we always win to shut up what we do not have to say" (Chinese proverb).


This configuration of the Sun will earn you very pleasant days in Family. If you have children, you can only congratulate them on their evolution. Good agreement in sight, also, with your parents. Everything about your home will also be favored.


Jealousy is a proof of heart, like gout, of legs "(P.-J. Toulet).

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