Leo Horoscope


COUPLES: Your life together will have a good chance to take a new and better direction. Jupiter will play in your favor. It will give you the opportunity to express yourself more and to make your spouse or partner better understand the depth of your feelings towards him.

SINGLES: The planet Neptune in this aspect will discourage the adventures of a day and flirtations; it will invite you to seek a stable and lasting situation. Great chances are promised to those who are serious about forming a couple or a strong union.


Some small cash inflows are not impossible these days. But do not start immediately in useless expenses; instead, grow your funds!


Beware of overwork and nervous fatigue that will be on the lookout for anyone who wants to do too much, because Pluto will not be there to give you the vitality of thunder. Do not ask to have everything right away; and show patience and moderation in your efforts. "Who wants to travel far away from his mount" (Racine).


In the professional field, the support of several stars will be excellent because it will energize you, multiply your competitive spirit, clarify your relationships with others, and give you the punch to say what you think and to carry out your business. You will find your occupations interesting, which will motivate you greatly.


Everything about your home, your home will be fully promoted. If you are thinking of transformations in this area, they will be realized according to your wishes. You will be very satisfied with the behavior of your children, and you will welcome the health status of your parents.


Life is never beautiful; only the images of life are beautiful "(Arthur Schopenhauer).

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