Leo Horoscope


COUPLES: With the blessing of the stars, life together will be harmonious. Be careful, however, to avoid being negligent about your spouse: a kind word, a little attention can do wonders; on the other hand, a little carelessness can cause useless dissensions.

SINGLES: You will want to enjoy all the pleasures that will come within your reach, and you will refuse to let it caged. You will swear that no one will succeed in depriving you of your freedom. Only, a crush is planned for these days, and you could then change your mind without warning!


S In the financial field, you will have every interest in monitoring yourself closely. If you do not master your taste for risk carefully, beware of Money's troubles! And then, avoid "piecemeal" and think about developing a long-term financial strategy, based on safe investments.


March well aspect will give you a superb tone. It will be necessary to beware, because of the presence of other stars, not very favorable these, in your native Sky. Indeed, they will incite you to go to the extreme limit of your forces.


This time you will be one of the few elected representatives of the stars, in the sense that you will have an excellent chance to carry out your various businesses and to obtain very great professional satisfactions.


In Family, your dreams of harmony and harmony will become reality. Young people will be obedient, but dynamic. You will make a very commendable effort to reach out to them and engage in dialogue.


The more man possesses, the less he possesses himself "(Arturo Graf).

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