Leo Horoscope


COUPLES: Even if you have a lot to do, try to spend some time with your Loves. The life of a couple will be favored: it will be the moment to take advantage of it to embellish your conjugal relations. Also, learn how to make Love so as to give and take as much satisfaction as possible.

SINGLES: Miracle of Love: You'll be inclined to appreciate things at their most pleasant angle, and you will see life with pink glasses. What to cheer more than one! Your feelings and your emotions will be marked by a great frankness. It's not every day that happens to you!


Just because you have this aspect of Pluto in your theme this week, you will win the Lotto jackpot or solve your cash problems with a magic wand! The planet likes to inflate your bank account, it is true, but it is favorable only to the constructive efforts and hates the indolent vows. Remember before attempting an adventurous operation.


You will benefit from positive astral aspects that will renew your strengths. The little fatigue you've been feeling lately is now far behind you. You will feel able to lift mountains!


Jupiter will now specifically protect your career. The star of success will help you improve your situation. You'll get a better work atmosphere. Blockages that bothered you will disappear.


You sincerely want the people you love to be happy. And your good intentions will be well understood and welcomed by your loved ones. The result will be an unprecedented climate of love and love in your home.


One must be master of oneself to be master of the world "(Charles V).

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