Leo Horoscope


COUPLES: Marital ties will be good, with each partner maintaining some independence but being united by common projects. However, you should more control your worried and rather jealous character, if you want harmony to continue to reign.

SINGLES: Venus will shine a great sun on your Loves especially at the beginning of the period, where she will have the support of Jupiter, the star of luck. It is therefore very possible that this period is marked by a very important meeting for the lone natives.


Thanks to the beneficial influxes of Mercury, you will benefit from sympathies and helpful support from wealthy or influential people. In some cases, and if you know how to be diplomatic enough, it can translate into significant material benefits.


Overall, you will feel fit. This aspect of Mars will give you a revival of vitality. You can start a treatment against pimples or acne, with a good chance of success.


Your career horizon will be clear. Everything should indeed go for the better, since you currently enjoy a good dose of luck thanks to the influence of Jupiter and Neptune in the signs in harmony with yours.


Astral impulses of the period will make you more sociable and safer. As a result, this week you will have a better understanding of your family and harmony will reign under your roof.


It is sometimes good to blind oneself, And often error is the supreme happiness "(Philippe Destouches).

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