Leo Horoscope


COUPLES: On the defensive throughout the period under the pernicious influence of Neptune, you will watch your partner with caution and mistrust. But do not be so susceptible and jealous: you are not at risk right now. Do not ask too many questions and do not dramatize anything.

SINGLES: Jupiter will give you the support of luck, and your love life will be the first to enjoy it. Open your eyes, a very important meeting awaits you: the happiness Loveeux could well fall on you without warning!


The astral atmosphere of the period will be favorable to financial operations. You can try your luck with happiness. In addition, you will have some money coming in rather unexpected.


This astral environment will be harmful to the blood circulation. If you sometimes have high blood pressure, do not neglect this possibility. Try to calm your nerves. Remember to fortify your arteries by regularly eating raw garlic, and to thin your blood by eating often fish, including salmon or mackerel. Other than that, good health overall.


No question of resting on laurels picked or not picked yet! On the contrary, you will have to roll up your sleeves and get down to the tasks that are yours. Success or glory is assured in these conditions, but they will come only later. In the meantime, you will have to burn conscientiously, not neglecting the routine chores and lacking panache.


Your family life may well have some very pleasant surprises, but the exact nature of them is still unknown. All members of your family will prove their affection.


God is just a dream word to explain the world "(Lamartine).

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