Leo Horoscope


COUPLES: Marital happiness will make you smile this week. Venus will protect your relationship with your spouse or partner. Sensuality, complicity, tenderness and joie de vivre will this time be at the rendezvous. This will be all the more pleasing to you as Saturn has lately placed you in a rather gloomy conjugal climate.

SINGLES: To you the grandiose Loves! More than ever, you will reject mediocrity and banality. You will look for quality in your love relationships. You will also show great generosity.


Planetary influences will favor important financial transactions. If you need to invest or realize a real estate transaction, you will be very inspired this week.


With Mercury in this position, you will not have anything to worry about Health. Dynamism and joie de vivre will be at the rendezvous. Be careful though, because Mercury, which is a restful planet, can induce a small accidental risk. Nothing serious, but do not neglect the warm up if you play sports, and be careful on the stairs.


This time, your professional horizon will emerge. Better: with Jupiter, the planet of success, well aspected, you will now be able to consolidate your position, or even get a more interesting status.


There will be no reason for your family life to be disrupted. Indeed, the planets will not directly affect the areas of your natal chart related to the Family. For most of you, living under your roof will be uneventful and comforting.


The bad guy's friendship is more dangerous than his hate "(Th. Fuller).

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