Leo Horoscope


COUPLES: You will have the opportunity this week to prove your love and tenderness to the chosen one of your heart. And he will be very receptive to your attentions. Let your heart fly away as best it can, but keep your feet on the ground.

SINGLES: SINGLES will collect flirtations, Loves transient, and this will suit them perfectly because they will not be inclined at this moment to bond for a long time.


Thanks to Pluto's support, you can improve your standard of living. But be careful, you must be wary of your current tendency to squandering. Remember to put your savings or invest them: you will win. It will be the moment or never, for example, to buy a house that suits you; you will find a very interesting opportunity and can make a loan in very good conditions.


Stimulated by Mars that teaches you all your energy, you'll be toned, but you may also be more sensitive to small problems related to the head. Nothing bad, but if you suffer from chronic migraine-like illnesses or eye irritations, you will be able to spend some uncomfortable moments.


At Work, you'll have to be careful not to give a damn to the critics - do what you do best without complaining, and everything will be fine. If you occupy a decision-making position, be careful, do not be fooled by success or ambition: a backlash is possible; stay alert.


The Sun will highlight your area of ​​the Family. He will have a rather protective role. Moreover, Jupiter will be totally beneficial for your family life. With k'astre of luck, here is the program: joy of living in Family, and, for some, possible birth of a baby.


The woman is the only vase we have yet to pour our ideality "(W. Goethe).

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