Leo Horoscope


COUPLES: Two astral movements favorable to your married life will take place. On the one hand, thanks to Mercury, all those of you who are coming out of a period of misunderstanding will be able to breathe: happiness will finally become accessible again. Then Venus will be very favorable to you; thanks to her, tenderness and sensuality will be at the rendezvous.

SINGLES: Unplanned encounters may be at the origin of pleasant connections. But you will have to keep them clandestine because they will generate a lot of derogatory comments and jealousy. Beware too much naivety on your part; put a stop to your generosity which encourages you to fill expensive gifts your different partners.


With this astral environment, be very careful not to fall into the traps of crooks and scammers of all kinds. Beware especially of the sweepstakes, promises that require you to pay first!


Tone and vitality. You will feel good and fulfilled. But do not take advantage of it to eat anything or anything, you may have surprises. For some of you who have committed overeating, digestive disorders may intervene and disrupt this balance.


Advantageous circumstances will arise. For some natives, exceptional openings in relation with the foreigner. For others, prospects for promotion or flattering proposals. You will know how to take up your responsibilities and show great enthusiasm for Work. Young people looking for a job will find an occupation that matches their abilities and wishes and will be highly appreciated for their enthusiasm and dynamism.


You will do, or seriously consider, important transformations in your home. You will be keen to bring harmony to your home. Finally, you will help your children live well in their current lives and prepare for their future.


All who use the sword will perish by the sword "(Gospel).

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