Leo Horoscope


COUPLES: This week's astral configuration suggests that your marital life will not go through any major upheavals. You will even benefit from the support of Venus. This protection will help you establish a pleasant relationship with your spouse or partner.

SINGLES: For SINGLES, this period will be very stimulating. New encounters will bring great joy, and the Loveeux relationships will be filled with sentimentality and dreams.


The financial sectors of your theme do not currently suffer any significant global impact, which should earn you a financial position without much change. The change may come from you: influenced by Neptune, you will probably be much better organized and more predictable than usual. You will suddenly be able to compete with the best managers of the Zodiac. It is certainly not your banker who will complain about it!


The peaceful aspects of Saturn will bring you this week a little lull in your current pace of life. You should know how to take advantage of these quieter moments to recharge your batteries, because even "Apollo does not always tend his bow" (Horace). The best days will be at the end of the period.


At the instigation of Mars, you will work like a madman. This star will allow you to have the courage of your ambitions. It will support and stimulate your taste for creation and will encourage you to assert your originality without complexity.


Easy weather in Family, at least for your children and parents. Your relationship with them will not be a problem. Possible quarrel with one of your brothers or cousins.


The measure of Love is to love without measure "(St. Augustine).

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