Leo Horoscope


COUPLES: Thanks to Jupiter's powerful breath, your life as a couple will suddenly blossom. Inhibitions, taboos, blocking ... everything will be swept away with a gust of magic wind!

SINGLES: Move, change your look and partner ... In short, do a kind of great spring cleaning and give your love life a bath of youth. You will have to feel perfectly free and available to be able to make the most of the wonderful opportunities that will come to you and you alone.


The combined influence of three lucky planets will be a good deal for your material situation. You will both be enterprising and cautious, and you will not take unnecessary risks.


With Mercury, Venus and Uranus to coach your form, fatigue should avoid you carefully. To evacuate this overflow of energy in the best possible way, why not put yourself to sport? Gym or walking, it's up to you to choose according to your desires. That would do you the greatest good.


Mercury will be a source of inspiration for you. New ideas will flourish. You will want to propose them to your superiors. They will listen with interest. But to be sure that we will follow you, do not adopt a too affirmative tone.


Your relations with your family will be placed under the sign of harmony and tenderness. If a problem arises, you will not hesitate to put some water in your wine.


Most forget everything except being ungrateful "(Quran).

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