Leo Horoscope


COUPLES: You will enter a quiet period on the marital plane. Your relationship with your partner will be placed under the sign of well-being and tenderness. Even if your life together has been struggling lately, they should now be behind you.

SINGLES: The present will be of much more interest to you than the future. Consequence: you will seek to connect almost exclusively on ephemeral Loveettes. You will, however, be interested in seeking stability.


Take advantage of this aspect of Pluto to look at the state of your finances. You will make excellent decisions if you are serious about it. Investments will be favored.


You would have every reason to enjoy strong resistance. Pluto, the only planet to influence the areas of your theme that affect the Health, actually resumes its direct march, which will weaken it for sure. That said, some of you will not be safe from a drop in morale, but fortunately will be very fleeting.


Your career plans can only succeed if you surround them with the utmost discretion, remember. You will enjoy the full support of some very powerful people.


Unexpected events will bring new family problems to a whole new level. You can easily find a solution to these difficulties if you do not forget to consult your loved ones.


If nothing happens, write to say it "(Cicero).

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