Gemini Horoscope


COUPLES: Saturn in a good position in your Sky will make natives living as couples more reasonable than lately. They will seek, first and foremost, to live in harmony with their partner ... and to make him forget the difficult moments he has experienced recently.

SINGLES: The planet Venus in beautiful aspect promises you mountains and wonders in the field of Love. All your initiatives will prove beneficial while ecstasy will be at the rendezvous. A wonderful love at first sight is to be expected.


Financial difficulties may make this period more difficult than you had planned. But do not panic: Saturn aspect will give you the means to come out honorably. Now, be more careful: limit your expenses to a minimum, and pay back the money as quickly as possible because, it is said, who pays his debts is enriched.


Excellent morale and energy, that's what awaits you. In addition, if you have some small health concerns, you will approach them in a very positive way, and will have the chance to find the right doctor and the right treatment.


With this aspect of Jupiter, it will be a good time to turn things around or, hopefully, move up a gear. Take advantage of the favorable atmosphere to definitively liquidate certain obstacles that have bothered you for a long time and that you have never managed to completely overcome, such as the reluctance or resistance of your employees or associates.


You have placed too much of your authority on your Family. You will see now that it was a mistake. Then you will make an attempt to improve your relationships with your loved ones; you will try to establish a real dialogue. Your effort is most commendable, but it will not be an immediate success. Persevere: things will get better with time.


Knowledge to predict, in order to be able "(Auguste Comte).

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