Gemini Horoscope


COUPLES: A good marital agreement will prevail throughout this period. You will be doing long-term projects with your spouse or partner.

SINGLES: You will need to be loved, and in a way as clear and obvious as the nose at middle of the figure! Be reassured: you will be entitled to very beautiful proofs of attachment and affection.


Take advantage of the good aspects of Jupiter to make important financial transactions. You will be skilled and efficient because you will know how to manage the risks. But beware of expenses!


There is nothing very bad to fear on the Health side, but a sometimes wavering morale and a rather downward physical resistance that will have to be monitored. Blame it on Neptune who, being poorly dressed, weakens your immune defenses and gives you a grip on viruses.


The Sun in this configuration will be beneficial for your professional development. A prognosis all the more well founded that you will at the same time benefit from the support of two distant stars favorable in this respect. They will join forces to help you get what you want.


Neptune will encourage you to seek harmony in Family, to avoid as much as possible the thorny subjects or the provocative behaviors, likely to ignite the powders. If you have to settle a difficult family case, luck will be on your side.


We sometimes like to praise that we do not believe sincere "(Vauvenargues).

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