Gemini Horoscope


COUPLES: The impact of Venus will be positive for the majority of natives living as a couple, because it is with your spouse that you will discover a new intensity Loveeuse. But in some cases you risk being attracted by someone else!

SINGLES: The impact of the star Mars will be reinforced by that of the Sun. Result: you will be entitled to a very beautiful story of Love, mixing feelings and sensuality. But on one condition: that you dare to share your emotion with the one who attracts you.


Mercury in beautiful appearance will give you the skill in financial management. You will combine intuition with the sense of realities. However, avoid taking excessive risks.


No opposing planet influences your area of ​​Health, you will have a good basic physical resistance and will not, in principle, have to worry about that.


With Mars dominating your native sky, it would be difficult for you to come to live in calm and relaxation. Indeed, this star being a factor of action and achievement par excellence, you will be dragged into a whirlwind of intense activities. Be aware, however, that all this agitation will not be in vain; well conducted, it can lead to the greatest successes in the professional field.


Under Venus' InQuote, you will seek to strengthen your bonds with your loved ones, and you will make a point of honor to solve some family problems that you consider intolerable.


Friendship is more often a way out than a doorway to Love "(Gustave Le Bon).

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