Gemini Horoscope


COUPLES: It will be highly possible for you this week to significantly improve your relationship with the man (or woman) in your life. Do not miss this opportunity to create a climate of balance and complicity in your relationship.

SINGLES: The SINGLES of the sign will tend to be guided by their romantic side; but fortunately a good enough good sense will enable them to judge how far they will be able to let themselves go. For some natives, a Loveeuse friendship can begin to take an important place in life.


Saturn will make you insightful and clever. You will be able to tackle delicate hardware problems. If you have a dispute with your landlord, or if you can not get a refund of money owed to you, you will know how to do it and find a good solution.


You'll be in shape, and for good reason: it's Mars, the energy concentrate of Heaven, that will take control of your Health sector. Under such an escort, not only will you not hold in place, but you will at times feel overbearing. To evacuate this surplus of nervousness, the sport is indicated, provided to respect the warm-up.


As much as you've had the free time and have, for most of you, benefited to increase your prestige or your status without giving you much trouble, as much, this time, you will be forced to adapt to a less easy situation. That does not mean that your work situation will be threatened, but that to keep your gains and continue to progress, you will need to prioritize, make choices and be more aggressive.


Net relief in perspective in the family field. Your relationship with your loved ones will enter a much easier phase, marked by dialogue, complicity and tenderness.


In my opinion, the pleasures of Love are the only real pleasures of body life "(Montaigne).

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