Gemini Horoscope


COUPLES: Be extremely careful about what you are going to talk to your spouse or partner. The climate will be such that nothing will ignite the powder. Avoid addressing your differences, especially if they are directly related to Money's policy or questions.

SINGLES: This period will mark the beginning of something important and new in your life Loveeuse. A meeting can play a decisive and fulgurating role.


Be careful not to make major financial transactions this week. This aspect of Saturn will prevent you from having clear ideas and may cause you to make serious mistakes of appreciation.


The solar climate of this period will give you an appetite for thunder. When you come to the table, you will cheerfully chew everything that will pass within reach of your teeth. Your craze for earthly foods will only match your craze for life.


With your professional entourage, you will sometimes be at loggerheads. In business, you will not feel; if you have in front of you tough interlocutors, you will break their resistance.


This aspect of Mercury will help you improve your relationship with your family. You will express your good feelings more easily, and the risk of misunderstanding will be reduced accordingly.


The superior man is influenced by justice; the vulgar man is influenced by the love of gain "(Confucius).

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