Gemini Horoscope


COUPLES: A climate of fulfillment and mutual trust will reign supreme over your life as a couple. It's up to you to establish a good relationship with your spouse or partner, and it's through charm and sweetness that you'll get everything you want from him.

SINGLES: You will attract sympathy and have the opportunity to meet many people, unless this is the beginning of a romance to flourish. Passions and storms will give way to feelings in a climate full of charm and amenities.


Your flair in business will increase this week. You will be able to act in a timely manner and obtain the necessary support for the evolution of your financial projects. So your money problems will be flattened very quickly.


Your health status will be at a high level. You will no longer have to fear the little fatigue strokes of which you were accustomed. Your vitality and dynamism will be such that you will feel able to lift mountains.


Professionally, Mercure will reinforce the punch, a certain sense of risk and a need for initiative for the natives of the sign. Great will be their psychological sense and the desire to dig problems, to indulge in research. They will be privileged to assert their opinions, their options, and to drive drumming projects and various approaches.


Ah, the joys of Family's life! You will be able to appreciate them as a true connoisseur this time. Thanks to the impulses of Pluto, your relations with your loved ones will be in good shape.


We prefer to die every hour from the fear of dying, than to die once "(Shakespeare).

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