Gemini Horoscope


COUPLES: A native living as a couple, you will be favored by Mercury in beautiful appearance. Result: your marital relations will become more intense. You'll make the perfect Love with your spouse or partner.

SINGLES: You'll feel more torn between opposing trends than ever before. You are very independent and always want to enjoy without restraint your freedom and your power of seduction. But these days, Venus will push you to seek emotional stability. So, you will find your life as a bachelor very futile!


Jupiter will work to protect your purse more than you do yourself. Not only will it encourage you to save and hoard, but will also try to block some changes in your life that do not seem really necessary and yet are likely to involve spending too much. Would not you be glad to have such a smart guardian angel?


You should not have to complain about Health. Simply, under the effect of Pluto, you may pass through a phase of great intuition, which may surprise you and worry you. Yet, if you trust what you feel, you will have very good surprises in more than one area.


If you are struggling with some of the issues related to your Work, know that at this time, under the rule of Mercury, a trip, a relocation or a move could be the key that would allow you to solve. Anyway, luck should follow you to help you in your professional life.


You will be more gentle with your children, realizing that this is the best way to bring them to their senses. To scold them incessantly would only encourage their stubbornness or indifference. "The zither is docile to soft pressure, but it responds in a discordant way to whom the questioning with violence" (Homère).


Do not give advice unless you're asked "(Erasmus).

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