Gemini Horoscope


COUPLES: An unexpected change could disrupt your couple's daily routine. This change is not necessarily bad if you know how to take advantage of its good points to consolidate your current marital relations.

SINGLES: Encounters will be promoted through outings and receptions. Take advantage of the circumstances that will give you the opportunity to build your future. Do not look too far for a partner who is often nearby; open your eyes and look around.


Your financial situation will improve this week and move towards greater stability. Be more responsible and thoughtful in this area if you want to gain the confidence of others with greater ease.


Well-resembled Mars will be of benefit to the natives of the sign in terms of health, acting as a factor of discipline and regularity, just when the general astral atmosphere will increase the vitality of the natives concerned.


More perfectionist and Workler than ever, thanks to the unconditional support of Pluto, you will be able to put the finishing touches to an ambitious project that you really care about. But that will not stop you from enjoying your free time.


You will enjoy the calm and invigorating family atmosphere. It is true that you have worked enough for that. Your relationships with your loved ones will be full of tenderness and harmony.


It is the enjoyment, not the possession, which makes us happy "(Montaigne).

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