Gemini Horoscope


COUPLES: Venus will make a great sun shine on your life as a couple, especially at the beginning of the period, where she will be supported by Jupiter, the star of luck. Venus will be favorable, but it will be necessary to take care not to subject your partner of mood swings due to Pluto: it will not be for nothing, do not take it for Turk's head!

< span> SINGLES: Mercury will be favorable to you. Her influence will lead you to consider great beneficial changes in your love life.


The sky will be rather favorable financially. With this configuration of Jupiter, you can even get a very good surprise.


With the kind Venus influencing one of your Health sectors, you will have nothing to fear. If you come out of a fragile period, Venus thus placed will help you quickly find a good Health. For other natives, the week will be physically uneventful.


The areas of your career-related theme are not influenced by any planet, which indicates that not much will happen in your job. Daily life at your Workplace will be easy, and you'll continue your journey towards your goals.


The presence of Jupiter, a beneficial planet, can have a great impact on the Family sector, especially by improving your relationships with your brothers and sisters, who will be understanding and ready to help you.


Interest has no temples, but is worshiped "(Voltaire).

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