Cancer Horoscope


COUPLES: You will live a time full of happiness, tenderness, sweetness, especially if you are related to a native of Aries. Pink notebook for many. Being happy, you will be pleasantly humorous and complacent.

SINGLES: Venus will favorably influence your area of ‚Äč‚ÄčLove; you will be in the front row to enjoy his favors. Heaven will be particularly supportive all week long: an exciting encounter will be in the air that could well give birth to a brand new Love!


The prognosis for your financial life is generally encouraging. Many clues are reminiscent of a rise in your current income, in part due to money receipts rather unexpected. But forbid you to spend Money that we will not actually pocketed.


You will enjoy good health. But the astral impulses will act as a factor of hypertension for the predisposed natives: incidents with the legs are possible. In any case, you should monitor your arterial and venous circulation closely. On the other hand, the ears will be sensitive; be sure to avoid high sound levels.


Your professional life will be favored thanks to Pluto's little help. Your chance will be maximum if you are in paid employment or if you are a civil servant; do not be afraid to ask for an advancement or salary increase, because the circumstances will be fine.


This time all the dikes will be broken. Uranus will incline you to allow your affectivity to spread freely. You will be generous and exuberant. A real whirlwind! Your loved ones, so long accustomed to your reluctance and your discretion, will not come back. But they will not complain about it!


Every step in life is a step towards death "(Casimir Delavigne)

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