Cancer Horoscope


COUPLES: You'll have to be wary of evil Saturn, which can make your life difficult. Beware of arguments, which can degenerate. This will not be the moment to awaken the jealousy of your partner. Avoid provocations, especially watching your words.

SINGLES: Carefree singles, get ready to hit the road! Under the impetus of the planet Mars, you could well discover Love at first sight. No more question, then, to separate you from this person!


When it comes to Money, your judgment will be clear and your prudence will work wonders. You will even save money without finding it too hard. The investments will have no secrets for you anyway.


The planet Mercury will have a positive influence on the quality of everyday life. Use nothing common sense, and it will be fine for your health. Beware of the apostles of alternative medicine.


Two valuable allies will help you achieve professional prowess. Indeed, Mars and Mercury will support your actions with all their might. Diplomate to the tips of your nails, you will succeed in showcasing yourself in your Work, without giving the impression to your colleagues that you walk on their flowerbeds. But maybe you'll do it!


Untimely displays of affection are not your style. But this time you will catch up on the acts, which will not be so bad either. However, do not hesitate to tell your spouse, your children or your parents, all your loved ones, that you love them. This will certainly make them happy.


Life goes on to desire what we do not have, to regret what we no longer have "(Joseph Roux)

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