Cancer Horoscope


COUPLES: Changes are expected in the direction of a clear improvement in your life as a couple. The bad mood will no longer have a place in your home, and the place will be reserved for serenity. You will feel more balanced and more inclined to concessions and confidences, which is perfect.

SINGLES: You will swim in absolute romanticism. You will live a real river romance, made of sudden passion, murmured words, secret idyll. Dream as much as you like; but, know that you will be these days very vulnerable to mirages.


Are you very committed to your financial balance? Do you hate throwing Money out the window? It is not Saturn who will push you there; on the contrary, it will suggest you to grow your savings. You will also benefit from the influence of Neptune, which will earn you some money receipts very timely.


Your good mood and optimism will have a positive impact on your fitness. Apart from a few risks of flatulence and bloating, there is nothing to fear for your health. Beware of the cold weather to which your entire respiratory system will be sensitive.


The astral atmosphere with clear Martian supremacy will favor your ambition. But beware of utopia! Do not be stubborn on projects that are clearly unfeasible; do you rather settle for smaller but reasonably accessible projects? Remember that "those who come too fast will go back even faster" (Mencius).


The astral atmosphere of the period will take you to make important decisions to solve a major family problem. If your home has gone through a little crisis lately, you will have to work hard to get everything back in order; with good will and tenacity, you will succeed.


Complete every act of your life as if it were the last one "(Marc Aurèle)

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