Cancer Horoscope


COUPLES: Be gentle in your relationships. Given the current astral situation, any brutal reaction, even if it is justified or understandable, could turn against you and jeopardize your chances of tasting harmony and tenderness.

SINGLES: You will have the chance to know the great Love, the one written with a capital A. Live it intensely. But do not proclaim it on the roofs: "To be loved, be discreet, The key of hearts is the secret" (Florian).


Progressive improvement on the material level. It must be said that the influence of Mars did not encourage you to save money. But from this week, you'll be better off.


The good appearance of Neptune will have an excellent influence on lifestyle. This planet will favor all those who seek to discipline themselves, reduce their excessive consumption of food, alcohol, tobacco, coffee or medicine. Let yourself be kindly led by this benevolent aspect.


To you big projects! While doing so, aim so high, and that's why you'll be up for all the daring companies. Some of you will decide to start your own business.


Family life harmonious and warm. That said, count on the support of Jupiter not to let you be disturbed by the animosity of one of your neighbors. Stay calm in the face of provocations. And above all do not respond to his pettiness by your own pettiness!


The man is fickle as the bird is fickle "(Aristophanes).

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