Cancer Horoscope


COUPLES: This will be one of the best periods for couples. Venus and Jupiter promise you marital lovens particularly happy. Happiness will be at the rendezvous, a happiness without excessive passion, simple and profound at the same time.

SINGLES: The poorly-shaped Moon will make you very demanding. So demanding that hardly anyone will have the chance to seduce you. If you want to make a meaningful meeting, maybe you should set the bar a little lower!


Well supported by Neptune in good aspects, you will spend a period without financial problems and can even hope for significant Money back. If your trade is close to jewelery, be careful and cautious in your various transactions.


The planets will be benevolently neutral. None of them will come to exert any harmful action. It's up to you to play wisely to preserve and increase your vitality. Think about having a healthier and better balanced diet. Also think about doing daily exercises. And do not rush on drugs at the slightest indisposition.


It will be a good time to take original initiatives in your professional activities, especially if they involve direct contact with the public. Expand the range of your products, or diversify the scope of your services. Curiously, this period also seems to favor occult practitioners.


You who will give priority to the quality of your relationship with your loved ones will be served these days: everything in your Heaven of birth that relates to Family's life will be subject to planetary impacts. very beneficial.


Thus a lover whose ardor is extreme, Loves to the faults of the people he loves "(Molière)

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