Cancer Horoscope


COUPLES: This aspect of Venus will infuse marital relationships. Multiplify activities with your spouse to avoid any risk of unhealthy rivalry.

SINGLES: Loveful climate imbued with sweetness and lightness, under the auspices of Venus. You will be inclined to assault seduction, and will lean for pleasant adventure, kind flirtation. You will not be burdened with heavy considerations. Anyway, the life Loveeuse will be cheerful, fluid, without tensions nor dramas.


Luck will be on your side in material terms. Some long-term investments will start to prove profitable. You will also have the opportunity to make a good financial transaction.


Your general condition will be good, your vitality excellent. However, you will need to be very wary of temperature and cold variations, otherwise a cold or flu could be a handicap for several days.


Uranus, star of originality, will help you to come up with interesting ideas, and Saturn will allow you to organize your Work quickly and efficiently. But beware of clumsy claims, otherwise you may miss out on success.


Neptune will feature one of the most euphoric times of the year on the family level. It will help you dispel tensions, misunderstandings and various complications, making life under your roof serene and happy. You will be very inclined to make concessions.


You have to look a little different to understand each other, but you have to be a little different to love yourself "(Paul GĂ©raldy)

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