Cancer Horoscope


COUPLES: Marital harmony first and foremost! You will agree on this point. You will focus on building a strong and lasting two-person happiness. There will be some tension, some tugging, but with your determination you will win the game.

SINGLES: The good aspects of Mars will promote sexual attraction. The successes will be great with the opposite sex, and you will have all the chances to point you out in an advantageous way.


You could count on Jupiter's support to see a clear improvement in the state of your finances. The stroke of pure luck should not be excluded. Nevertheless, it is more likely that the most significant cash receipts will result from exploiting a good idea.


Well-lined Mercury will relax your nerves while giving you more energy. You will be both more dynamic and more relaxed, and will be able to multiply activities without feeling tired. You will do things seriously, but relaxed and with pleasure. Oh, if you could go on indefinitely like this!


This aspect of Saturn suggests professional advancement due above all to merit. Many natives will therefore benefit from a salary increase or a rise in rank, while many other natives will see their names disappear from the unemployment lists.


Sometimes charming and adorable, sometimes somewhat distant and cold, as you will be in your relationships with your loved ones, except with your children. These will have grace in your eyes all the time; with them, you will strive to have a nice equal mood.


To give is a more lasting pleasure than to receive, because the one of the two who gives is the one who remembers the longest "(Chamfort)

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