Aries Horoscope


COUPLES: On the conjugal level, a little nostalgia is possible among the more or less natives, who will dream of a different life. For other subjects, living together should be problem-free as long as the spouse shows tolerance and is, like them, focused on the future and the potential it holds.

SINGLES: The powerful aspects of the Moon will favor passionate Loves. There will be love at first sight in the air, and the most impulsive of you will immediately think of the wedding!


A period without history in the whole. With the current of luck protecting you right now, you should not have any financial worries. If you have major projects for a purchase or an investment, your steps will allow you to set important milestones. Refresh yourself with useless purchases.


You will be in great shape these days. The well-shaped Sun will earn you an excellent vitality and a good optimism. In addition, the Moon will protect you and strengthen your immune resistance. Only possible pitfall with Pluto: it will make very greedy and may, at the same time, weaken the digestive system!


A showdown could happen in your professional life. You will have to face the open hostility of some colleagues. But, backed by Mars, you'll be able to counterattack and triumph.


You attach importance to your loved ones, and you will prove it again this week. You will care about the well-being of your parents and will follow closely the evolution of your children. You will not have much trouble to do you: your tenderness will be enough to alleviate the small difficulties of each other.


We quarrel with the unfortunate, to avoid complaining about them "(Vauvenargues).

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