Aries Horoscope


COUPLES: This period seems interesting to live on the conjugal level, the emphasis being on the taste of intimacy, complicity and the satisfaction of a sensuality of good quality . Avoid, however, letting yourself go to criticisms as futile as dangerous.

SINGLES: All fire, you will conquer hearts with confidence and passion. Your enterprising attitude will make you a great success. But beware of disappointments because, as you might notice, all that glitters is not gold!


Play the ants instead of the cicadas. Take advantage of the good planetary aspects that will dominate this time and consider making safe investments that will strengthen your material future.


There's nothing really nasty about Health. But with Jupiter badly positioned, there are still some precautions to take. So, if you have the opportunity to binge, better avoid jumping on sauce dishes and cream cakes. Even if you are by nature rather resistant, your stomach could be angry this time! Temperance, then!


This aspect of Neptune will help you lay the groundwork for your professional future. You will see far and you will work to form useful alliances. Do not forget the immediate present, which necessarily has unpleasant, painful sides, but also has tremendous potential.


Family life serene at will. It is possible that a problem that has not been fully resolved is again relevant; in this case, have a frank, calm and comprehensive discussion with the people involved.


The improvident digs a well when he is thirsty "(Chinese proverb).

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