Aries Horoscope


COUPLES: You will find strong arguments if your partner blames you for certain traits of your behavior. You will know very well how to get out of trouble. Your marital relations, either, will not have to suffer.

SINGLES: You will enter a calm period on the Loveeux plan. Mercury becoming favorable will earn you a lively social life. You will meet; and, who knows, some of this new knowledge may attract your attention.


Small amounts of money are not impossible these days. But do not start immediately in useless expenses; instead, grow your funds!


Your health will be good overall. But for it to be maintained at this good level, it will have to put a little order in your lifestyle and adopt a healthier diet. Avoid all excess, including food and sex.


You will get great results in your Work. The concrete, the real, which are your favorite areas, will have the blessing of the stars. Only your opinion and your refusal to make concessions may cause clashes with your professional circle. A little more flexibility would save you a lot of useless trouble.


Due to the influence of the well-fashioned Moon, you'll be more foolish than ever, whether you belong to the bearded gent or the kind of bipeds with petticoats. You will undoubtedly be the soul of the house. Not only will you solve domestic problems with confusing efficiency, but you will also create a special climate in your home.


Common sense, everyone needs it, few have it, and everyone thinks they have it "(B. Franklin).

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