Aries Horoscope


COUPLES: Your relationship with your spouse or partner will have the opportunity to deepen. Encouraged by Venus, you will be happy to show yourself in a more understanding, more affectionate, more demonstrative way. It is this last point which will be the most important, because until then you had a tendency to be a little too reserved.

SINGLES: Many SINGLES will be born a relation Loveeuse based above all on a very promising intellectual and spiritual understanding.


The Moon in this aspect will bring you the support that you expected in the material field. Know how to make the most of these influences to solve the pecuniary problems that haunt your mind for some time.


Getting rid of Neptune's ill-considered influence, you will quickly regain your dynamism and self-confidence, while your nervousness will diminish significantly. Your physical resistance will be at the top level.


This week, with the support of Mars, you will have an excellent chance of getting a position of responsibility where you can exercise your sense of command, innovate and discover freely. It was time, otherwise you would never be able to give your full measure.


For most of you, this aspect of Pluto may have an impact on their relationship with one of their children. You who, by nature, do not like to show authority, this time you will have to put things in order and explain well to your cherubim what are the limits not to exceed.


The woman rules and does not rule "(Madame de Girardin).

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