Aries Horoscope


COUPLES: After some very straightforward and frank discussions with your partner, you'll decide to make peace and a calmer climate. Your married life can get a spectacular boost.

SINGLES: You should have a sensational encounter during the period. But you must be extremely circumspect in your remarks so as not to compromise this precious chance; speak little but speak well to your new conquest.


You could benefit these days from a particularly favorable financial circumstance. These may be opportunities or opportunities that help you consider stock market investments or profitable transactions.


The period will be good for your Health, and you will triumph over microbes with amazing energy. Be careful not to burn the candle at both ends because you will soon need your reserves to deal with new microbial attacks. Do not take any chances and think that if diseases are rare, they do exist.


You will be in a solar phase that promotes constructive action, especially if you are in the first decade. This period could even mark for some of you the pinnacle of a career or a project. This will be the time to take stock or to take advice to make the most of the favorable circumstances.


Under the impulse of Mercury, you will be very attentive to the education of your children. You will try to raise them and educate them in a less sentimental, less debonair way than in the past, by better respecting their psychology.


There is nothing so unfortunate as a man who has never suffered "(Joseph de Maistre).

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