Aquarius Horoscope


COUPLES: A native living as a couple, it's all the romantic capital of your personality that will be highlighted by the astral influences of this period. You will forget reluctance, suspicion and even reason, and you will be overwhelmed by a great wave of romantic passion.

SINGLES: The influence of Venus in the Love sector promises you a mysterious encounter in an unusual place. In short, you will live a very romantic period. A tip: take advantage of the opportunity, because these beautiful astral provisions will be short.


In this period, avoid complicated financial transactions. Even if you are lucky on certain occasions, just make sure that you have enough money, and do not take risks in questionable speculations.


Jupiter in this aspect will have an amplifier role. So watch yourself out of the corner of your eye, and try to moderate your food and sexual appetites. Keep in all a fair measure, otherwise "the honey itself can disgust" (Pindar). The excesses will not really succeed!


In Work, you will shine with all your fires. At the same time very convincing and devilishly effective, you will obtain all that you wish. You will gain the esteem of all thanks to your competence and also thanks to your increased sense of diplomacy.


In view of the excellent Neptunian influxes, you will have to be able to smoothly settle certain problems which confused your relations with your relatives. Begin discussions in calm and serenity; do not allow the tone to go up.


Death is the beginning of immortality "(Maximilian de Robespierre).

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