Aquarius Horoscope


COUPLES: A colorful period awaits you. The powerful protection that you will provide the Sun, Jupiter and Saturn should earn you very happy days as a couple. You will be in perfect osmosis with your spouse or partner, and you will have fun together as teenagers!

SINGLES: Singles and divorced people will make multiple meetings but without tomorrow, the fidelity is not one of their dominant features in this period.


Your financial balance is stable, and it will remain so this week. You will not have any real worries to do to you. It will however be necessary to be wary of the impact of Uranus, which will be able to blow you desires of purchases expensive and not very useful. Beware, especially, the favorites for beautiful clothes, certainly, but you could easily do without.


Jupiter and Pluto will take care of your Health, which means that you will not be lacking in tone or strength. If you had to deal with a small problem, you would have no trouble recovering. On the prevention side, this planetary combination commits you to monitor your blood pressure. Avoid annoyances and overly rich dishes.


The astral climate will give you extraordinary flexibility. You will be able to adapt with the greatest ease to new occupations and to make the best possible use of people and circumstances. But, of course, these happy provisions will not exclude constructive effort.


Traveling or socializing will not tell you much this week. You will be quite homebody, and you will need to have all your Family around you. You will focus on creating a cheerful and harmonious atmosphere in your home.


The Love is to feel that one has given to the other in spite of oneself what was only for oneself "(Paul Valéry).

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