Aquarius Horoscope


COUPLES: Conjugal climate with good weather. Everything will be harmonious these days to the best of your heart and your sensual sensibility. You will be very happy and relaxed with the loved one. You will be attentive and dedicated, and in return we will be very caring for you. Your desire for the one you love will gain new momentum, and you will be able to demonstrate it to him with strength and passion.

SINGLES: Trend these days to the dispersion, explosive sensitivity resulting in a thunderbolt. Be careful though! All this agitation could make a lot of noise but would not bring you any concrete or real satisfaction.


You will have opportunities for a financial transaction that will prove to be very beneficial. This could be a sale of property or securities, or the possibility of making an unexpected return of Money.


Your love of good food may cause the scale needle to rise dangerously. You will need a low calorie diet but just as delectable to the palate as the dishes in sauce that you like. Do not forget to exercise to preserve your line despite your gastronomic excesses.


The indications of the astral configuration of this period seem encouraging: it will not be impossible for chance or necessity to bring results far superior to those you envisioned. In any case, good performance in the Work.


Your efforts will not be in vain: you will notice this week the very positive effects in your relations with your family. Continue in this good way and you will taste the deepest joys.


One must consider the least evil as good "(Machiavelli).

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