Aquarius Horoscope


COUPLES: Venus, the Goddess of Love, promises you a very happy marriage. Your relationships with your spouse or partner will be marked by a remarkable complicity and, for many of you, a clear awakening of sensuality.

SINGLES: Four Stars will this week form rare configurations and favorable to your heart. That promises to many of you an intense love life, with a serious possibility of meeting.


Your financial situation seems solid overall. Still, under the impact of Pluto, you run the risk of being cautious. Be careful not to make purchases above your means. Also avoid trying too risky investments, luck is not necessarily on your side this time.


You will benefit from a very good basic resistance, which will protect you from fatigue and small contagious diseases. Better: you will probably be spared these days of nervousness that has bothered you lately.


In your business, avoid important steps this week. On the whole, however, the period will be good, with dynamism, ideas, projects, perhaps good contacts with the foreigner, or even trips, for pleasure or for Work.


More than ever, you will love life and want to see people flourish near you. You will also like to guide the ones you love best. But beware ! Do not adopt a paternalistic attitude towards your loved ones, which can become heavy if it is too accentuated or applied to sensitive natures.


Love nestles in wrinkles "(Stobée).

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