Aquarius Horoscope


COUPLES: Know that the small details of life together, despite their appearance, are important. In this period under the jurisdiction of Venus, a mutual rediscovery will give new life to your marital relations. Advice to all natives living with a partner: to fully live your sexuality, do not neglect the benefits of the table, because "the torch of Love lights in the kitchen" (French proverb).

SINGLES: With Venus in this aspect, you will lead your beating heartfelt affairs. Aware of your sex appeal, you will use this power to achieve your ends and satisfy your desires.


With Jupiter in this configuration, you will have more luck in Money. But be careful, you risk, too, to show you very imprudent in your expenses!


You'll be in good shape all week thanks to Mars. The protection of this planet will earn you a much higher morale, which will have a positive impact on your physical resistance. It will however be necessary to show you a little more vigilant Friday: the astral configuration of then will not affect your tone, but risks making you momentarily rather awkward. Beware of small accidents, especially if you play sports or do-it-yourself.


The strong stream of luck that has been supporting you for the last few weeks is going to intensify these days, helping you to realize your wishes as part of your Work. Professional stability ensured by Saturn. And this aspect of Neptune, very rare, indicates a significant expansion of the career.


In Family, the atmosphere will be tonic and pleasant. Relationships with your loved ones will not be a problem this week. Your parents and your brothers and sisters will be your best confidants, while your children will be a source of pride for you.


Laughter is an insult to misfortune "(Syrus).

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