Aquarius Horoscope


COUPLES: In your married life, you'll add a little bit of fantasy, to prove that when you want, you know how to be unpredictable. Your spouse or partner will be surprised and charmed. And happiness to them will be at the rendezvous.

SINGLES: You will not get much romance these days. The bottom line for you will be to find sensual satisfactions, whether with one or more partners. It would be better, for the sake of those to whom you will be dealing, not to make too insincere statements about Love!


Your finances will not experience any noticeable changes. With the support of the planet Pluto, they will be completely satisfactory. You will be convincing in your negotiations and transactions, sometimes even showing a remarkable flair.


You may need to spoil yourself a bit on the food plan to cheer yourself up. Well, go ahead, without getting into trouble. You can, for example, offer you a nice cup of hot chocolate from time to time, or one or two whiskey truffles.


The promotion or salary increase you've been dreaming about for a long time, you're likely to get it these days, given the lovely aspects of Uranus. In any case, your merits will be well recognized. Your creative imagination will work wonders, and you'll also have the ability to think of solutions that nobody before you has thought of.


You like to live in a pleasant environment. So hurry up to your home because soon you will be too concerned to devote to it. Ask all members of your Family to help you; this will go a long way in promoting or consolidating the overall good agreement.


Before we came, nothing was missing in the world; After we leave, nothing will be missed "(Omar Khayyam).

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