Aquarius Horoscope


COUPLES: You will consider your married life with a lot of humor and fantasy. You will lose your stilted pace and your usual reserve to have a lot of fun with your partner or spouse.

SINGLES: A superb planetary duo will make you conquer and multiply your sex appeal. You will wreak havoc around you. Some might even fall under the spell of an old Love; It remains to be seen if the next story will be as promising as its beginnings!


Your clarity of mind and intellectual abilities will help you solve your financial problems. Juicy opportunities will be offered by the stars. Do not neglect the opinions of those around you: this time we could give you good advice.


Mars, the master of energy, should make you enjoy a good physical shape. Yes, but only if you avoid overwork, always possible when this planet is at stake. Try to become aware of your limits, and stop as soon as you feel physically or psychically tired.


The planet Uranus will be favorable to any long-term Work. Those of you who are studying or doing research of any kind will be well supported. As a bonus, it is by pursuing these specific activities that you can hope to make interesting, if not sensational, emotional encounters.


You will be kind and affectionate with your loved ones. And you will spend as much time as you can, knowing that they need your special attention in this time.


That people would remain silent, if they were forbidden to say good of themselves and the harm of others "(Madame de Fontaines).

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