Aquarius Horoscope


COUPLES: It's the most beneficial planet in the solar system, Jupiter, that is going to be watching over your life as a couple these days. Jupiter promises you a blessed period of the gods on the conjugal level.

SINGLES: With the influence of the Sun in your couple sector, this is one of the best times of the year, on the plan Loveeux, which is announced. The astral configurations are likely to result in an important encounter.


With the right influx of Uranus, you will have the opportunity to make good long-term investments. Avoid dealing with important business: you would be very impulsive and willing to take too much risk.


Excellent basic vitality thanks to the influence of the sun. It will have a protective effect and will prevent you from catching germs and viruses lying around. It will also protect you if you are on vacation abroad, avoiding the gastric disorders often related to travel. Last point: this solar influence will have a very positive effect on the nervous plane. If you have a tendency to suffer from insomnia, for example, you will finally be entitled to a baby sleep!


Openness to the world, high professional ambitions: these are the objectives that you will set this week, under the impetus of Mars. You will have the means to realize this beautiful program.


This week, it is the problems posed by the installation or organization of the home that will absorb your energies and channel your initiatives. You will work tirelessly with your loved ones, pursuing common goals. But perhaps you'd better rely on the effort than on luck to overcome the inevitable difficulties.


The judgment is the best in the man and the lack of judgment the worst "(Theognis de Megara).

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