Aquarius Horoscope


COUPLES: Conjugal Love will grow during this period; you will see a little more each day. Think of a small gift for the loved one. Show good taste and have the flair to find what will please and what will match the desires of your spouse or partner.

SINGLES: The Gods of Love protect. Venus will announce a favorable period on the Loveeux plan. Solitary, you will probably stay longer. Open your eyes, the one you're waiting for will not be far.


The period will be particularly suitable for large-scale financial transactions. You will be confident, sure of yourself, and you will not hesitate to use your good relations.


Your vitality will suffer a small drop because of the astral dissonances of the period. This will be the moment to remind you that your hectic life today can only lead to a nervous fatigue which will be difficult for you to heal. Be more strict than usual in your eating habits. Do not hide in bulimia and drink. Have fixed meal times, and take time to eat.


Your work situation is improving, slowly but surely. The blockages and fetters that Saturn has been worth for some time will now be behind you. Let things settle down without trying to go faster than the music.


The family atmosphere will be serene and suave. You will experience delicious moments among your loved ones. You will try to dispel any misunderstanding and any risk of quarreling.


Success was always a child of daring "(Crebillon).

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