Aquarius Horoscope


COUPLES: You will enter a true period of conjugal bliss. It could be worth a great joy, a real happiness. You will have the best chance of knowing the great Love - the real, the solid, the durable. However, do not make too much of your spouse or partner.

SINGLES: You will be determined to take charge of your Loveeux destiny. And you will refuse to let yourself be led by the nose. If you feel like you've been fooled by an attractive person, you'll know how to revenge yourself beautifully.


Spotlight on your finances! By listening to the expert advice of specialists in the field, you will manage your property in a very judicious way. But do not relax your vigilance.


This aspect of Mars will incline the concerned natives to adopt a better discipline in the habits of life, which will allow them to find or to find a better physical form. Take the opportunity to start the diet you've been considering for a long time, or to practice a sport that you've never been able to decide to put yourself in.


The global environment of the period is expected to benefit the Workplace in a variety of ways. It is likely that your relationship with your superiors and colleagues is improving significantly, leaving the door wide open to a rise in rank. For the Independent Worklers, astral influences should result in a significant increase in turnover or customer base.


Dynamism, a lot of dynamism, to advance certain projects concerning your family life. If you are planning to move, or if you want to change your schoolchildren, for example, these desires will soon become reality.


The goal is not always set to be met, but to serve as a focus "(J. Joubert).

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